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Dirk Van der Linden
Dirk, born 1969 in Antwerpen, discovered the world of music on the guitar at the early age of 6. When he was 12, the piano came into his viewpoint, and the same time the jazz music. In the years to follow, Dirk learnt also to play the organ and the bass. His decision to work as a professional artist came at the age of 20 only.
Since then, he plays for various theatre productions of "Blauwe Maandag" and others. He is fully integrated in the Dutch-Belgian "Swingcats" as the pianist, touring through Europe. Dirk's activities are wide spread: "Andy Cooper's Top Eight Band", "The Vanilla Brothers", "The Hammond Organ Swing Machine", "Euro Trio", "Els De Doncker" and "The Gumbo Gabbers" are bands in which Dirk plays the piano, the organ or the guitar.
Concert tours led him to most of the European countries as well as to New Zealand and the USA.
contact: dirk.vanderlinden.jazz@pandora.be
homepage: www.dirkvanderlinden.com
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Hammond Pressure
Virgin 8122292
recorded August 2001 in Aarschot/Belgium
Dirk Van der Linden, Hammond A100 organ
Swa Mercelis, guitar
Dirk Dergent, drums
Daniel Pollain, tenor sax
Live à la Palme
Virgo 041002
recorded live January 2004 in La Palme/France
Dirk Van der Linden, Hammond B-3 organ
Dirk Dergent, drums
Swa Mercelis, guitar
Jean Michel Cabrol, sax
Funny Glasses
Estate Records 120804
recorded August 2004 in Gent/Belgium
Dirk Van der Linden, Hammond B-3 organ
Peter Mingaars, guitar
Moritz Gastreich, drums
Charlie Belair, percussion
Toots Thielemans, harmonica
Ronald Dedrie, flutes
Duets With Wine And Roses
no label
recorded August 2005 in Frechencourt/France
Bruno Micheli, piano, harmonica, Hammond A105 organ
Dirk Van der Linden, Hammond B-3 organ, piano

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