picture of Joël Vandroogenbroeck
Joël Vandroogenbroeck
Joël (*1938 in Brussel) was a pianist, keyboardist and flutist who was primarily active in jazz and rock. He studied piano in his hometown and then went on tour with Jacques Pelzer's band in the mid-1950s. Then he played with René Thomas, Bobby Jaspar, Barney Wilen and Zoot Sims. He gave concerts with Eje Thelin for a long time in Sweden and appeared at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival in 1964.
After studying Indian and Balinese music, he worked at the RCA studios in Roma/Italy as an arranger, composer and soloist before moving to Basel/Switzerland as a theater musician, where he also performed with Oscar Klein, Franco Ambrosetti and Andy Scherrer. In 1968 he founded the experimental rock group Brainticket, which improvised with rudimentary electronic instruments and toured Italy. A second edition of the band in 1980 included Hans Deyssenroth and Willy Seefeldt.
In addition, Joël wrote film music and recorded a number of records for the Coloursound label; later he also wrote choral and ballet music. Between 1980 and 1985 he worked in a duo with Bruno Spoerri, combining electronic music and acoustic jazz; He also appeared with Mario Schneeberger. Most recently, he lived primarily in Mexico and continued to develop the Brainticket concept, also using multimedia and Internet technologies.
Joël died in 2019 in Switzerland.


On The Underground Road
Dire FO 342
recorded June 1971 in Roma/Italy
Cicci Santucci, trumpet
Enzo Scoppa, tenor sax
Franco D'Andrea, Fender Rhodes
Joël Vandroogenbroeck, organ
Bruno Tommaso, bass
Bruno Biriaco, percussion
Gegè Munari, percussion
Roberto Podio, percussion

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