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Lance Anderson
Ottawa-born producer, Lance Anderson is an active composer/arranger in both TV and film. He is a classically trained musician who has also played in the Blues and R&B scene in Toronto for the past twenty years. His recent production credits include the Oscar Peterson Multimedia CD ROM and the multi Juno award winning and Platinum CD Leahy. Lance has played with acts as diverse as Mr. Dress-up, George Oliver, Maureen Brown and Big Hand and new age flute virtuoso Ron Korb. He recently appeared as a piano player and writer on Scott Cusnie's Two Pianos No Waiting Vol 2.
contact: makeitreal@sympatico.ca
homepage: www.makeitrealrecords.com
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2 B3
Calabogie Music
recorded 1999 in Toronto/Canada
Doug Riley, Hammond B-3 organ
Bill Payne, Hammond B-3 organ
Michael Fonfara, Hammond B-3 organ
Denis Keldie, Hammond B-3 organ
Rob Gusevs, Hammond B-3 organ
Lance Anderson, Hammond B-3 organ
John Tilden, guitar
Mitchell Lewis, guitar
Neil Chapman, guitar
Colin Linden, guitar
Dennis Pendrith, bass
Ritchie Hayward, drums
Dick Smith, percussion
Make It Real Records MIR 005
recorded 2003 in Canada
Lance Anderson, Hammond B-3 organ, vocals
Michael Sloski, drums, vocals
George Oliver, vocals
Steven Ambrose, vocals

Sound Samples
MP3 "Hip Hug Her", recorded live (CBC) October 2006 in Montreal/Canada
05:50 - 5,487kB
Video n/a

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