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Denis Keldie
Denis Keldie has been active in a number of types of music over the years, from R&B to Jazz, Pop, Country and everything else in between, both in Toronto and abroad.
As co-founder of A&M recording act The Extras, he co-wrote four critically acclaimed pop albums from 1980 to 1985, and toured extensively during that time.
As a studio musician, playing Hammond organ, piano, all keyboards, accordion, mandolin, guitar and bass, he has over a 150 CDs (and vinyl albums) to his credit, with artists like Natalie McMaster, Jeff Healey, Prairie Oyster, Rita Coolidge with Ry Cooder, The Boomers, Jesse Cook, B.B. Gabor, Alfie Zappacosta, Lost and Profound, The Lincolns, The Extras, King Biscuit Boy, The Stampeders, Etta James and has performed on TV and live appearances with Rankins, Colin James, Jann Arden, Amy Sky, Marc Jordan, Ashley McIsaac, Bruce Guthro, Gordie Sampson, Crowbar and many others.
contact: keldie@rogers.com
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2 B3
Calabogie Music
recorded 1999 in Toronto/Canada
Doug Riley, Hammond B-3 organ
Bill Payne, Hammond B-3 organ
Michael Fonfara, Hammond B-3 organ
Denis Keldie, Hammond B-3 organ
Rob Gusevs, Hammond B-3 organ
Lance Anderson, Hammond B-3 organ
John Tilden, guitar
Mitchell Lewis, guitar
Neil Chapman, guitar
Colin Linden, guitar
Dennis Pendrith, bass
Ritchie Hayward, drums
Dick Smith, percussion
Make It Real Records MIR002
recorded 2000 (?) in Canada
Denis Keldie, Hammond organ
Bill Murray, guitar
Paul DeLong, drums
Hammond Grits
Blue Gardenia 0302
recorded spring 2003 in Toronto/Canada
Denis Keldie, Hammond B-3 organ
Tony Quarrington, guitar
Kevin Clark, trumpet, flugelhorn
Chris Robinson, tenor sax, clarinet
Mike McClelland, drums
Gary Orme, drums
Soul Jazz Express
Soul Essence Music

Craig Pady, tenor sax, baritone sax
Bill Murray, guitar
Denis Keldie, Hammond B-3 organ
Paul DeLongand, drums
Charlie Cooley, drums

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