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George Laks
George was born in Winnipeg, Canada where he studied piano from the age of 5. He went through the Royal Conservatory of Music then the University of Toronto before specifically studying Jazz at Berklee College of Music in Boston.
George is unquestionably one of the major pieces of Lenny Kravitz' live ensemble. This organist pianist succeeded Kenneth Crouch in 1993 after an audition in New York City and has not left the group since. His discretion in no way prevents great moments of feeling during the improvisations that Lenny sometimes asks him to do. George admits to preferring to play at festivals and outdoor stages because he enjoys seeing the audience well and being able to enjoy the sky.
George played in many clubs in New York in the 90s and associated his talent with some other names in the music industry like Nathalie Merchant, Chris Robinson & the New Earth Mud, Bill Sims jr., Kenny Rampton, Joan Osborne or Poppa Chubby. He is also at the origin of 2 soundtracks of films: Flying and American Gangster.
George admits to having tons of musical influences and cannot be exhaustive in the matter. Let us quote Eddie Harris, Les Maccann, Oscar Peterson, Billy Preston, Glen Gould, Alan Toussaint, Vladimir Horowitz, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, or even BB King, Debussy and Ravel.
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Booty And The Beast
550 Music 480358 2
recorded in New York, NY/USA
Popa Chubby, guitar, vocals
Mitch Margold, piano
George Laks, organ, piano
Mike Leslie, bass
Tom Major, drums

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