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Hengcoo Ortega
Hengcoo (* 1977) was 13 years old, when he studied saxophone with Roberto Altamirano, an outstanding saxophonist from Antofagasta, and jazz with his father, Professor Raül Ortega. From an early age he participated in a large part of the stages of the great north, in different jazz clubs and festivals, with professional musicians and from other generations, sharing the stage with various local artists. He performs at the Antofagasta jazz festival organized by the Antofagasta jazz club, Calama Jazz Festival, organized by the Calama municipality. He shares the stage with various prominent musicians at the national level, highlighting Daniel Lencina and Cristian Cuturrufo.
He is also part of the Octavo Par group, a group of doctors who love jazz and music, with which they forge an endless friendship, and perform in different stages where the Casino de Viña del Mar stands out. He is also part of the Universidad Católica del Norte Jazz Band, and chamber orchestra of the same university.
At the end of his higher studies, parallel to musical activity, he changed instruments to the Hammond organ, managing to develop the technique of this instrument, reaching a development in the instrument, similar to any international organist. He is part of the trio Punto de fuga, a group with more than 20 years of experience in Antofagasta. He also participates in the international jazz festival of Iquique, organized by the Illustrious Municipality.
Then in 2012, he recorded with the outstanding national musicians Moncho Pérez (Angel Parra trio) and Jorge Díaz (Viña del Mar festival orchestra).
In 2014 he moved to the capital of the country and was invited by the director of the jazz college Christian Gálvez to teach the Hammond organ chair at this institute, an institution where he currently teaches classes. He is also featured in Los Angeles, California as a Hammond artist at the one soul convention, Hammond Summit.
Musician with more than 25 years of experience, nationally and internationally, he participated in 2016 in the Mendoza International Jazz Festival, on its opening and closing days. In 2017 he participated in the Las Condes International Jazz Festival and the Valparaiso International Festival. He teaches at the Escuela Superior de Jazz, a center for higher studies dedicated specifically to Jazz.
contact: Hengcoo@hotmail.com
homepage: hammondspain.com/hengcooortega
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HMJ Organ Trio
Discos Pendiente DPCD 25

Hengcoo Ortega, Hammond B-3 organ
Jorge Díaz, guitar
Moncho Pérez, drums

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