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Jan Kořínek
Jan was born in 1976. He himself seems to feel most comfortable in the area of the blues and other related genres. Among his favourites are jazz Hammond organ players such as Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff and other musicians who have "the groove". His inspiration also stems from other blues roots (e.g. T-Bone Walker, Ray Charles).
Jan has performed with many blues and jazz greats such as the Kinsey Report,Karel Ruzicka jr., Vladimir Guma Kulhanek, Monty Waters, Lorenzo Thompson, Eb Davis, Sharon Lewis, Miriam Bayle, Frantisek Kop, Peter Binder, etc.
contact: jankorinekgroove@gmail.com
homepage: www.jankorinek.org
myspace www.myspace.com/jkandgroove
myspace www.myspace.com/jankorinek
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Groovin' For Little V
Hard Bop Records HBR 33005
recorded June/July 2006 in Praha/Czechy
Jan Kořínek, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes
Jiří Hokeš, guitar
Martin Novák, drums
Martin Kopřiva, drums

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