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Lešek Semelka
Lešek (* 1946 in Pardubice) is a singer, composer and keyboard player. In his youth he learned to play the piano and cello. However, his musical career was not started until 1968, when he became a member of the band Cardinals. In 1970 he replaced Vladimír Mišík in the band Blue Effect. He worked here until 1975 and recorded with Blue Effect two albums, on which the band performed together with the jazz big band of Czechoslovak Radio (JOČR).
In 1975, he founded his own jazz-rock group Bohemia. From there, however, he returned to the Blue Effect in 1978 and stayed there until 1981, when he left for the second time after disagreements with Radim Hladík. Practically at the same time, since the beginning of the 1970s he tried to break through as a singer in the so-called mainstream song, he also had certain preconditions for that, as he had and still has an interesting hoarse and, according to many, pleasantly veiled voice.
In 1981, he founded another of his own music groups, S.L.S. (Leška Semelky Company). In 1985, the group disbanded. This was followed by a definitive inclination towards the mainstream of popular music, and he performed together with the singer Marcela Březinová. In November 1989, he became significantly involved in the ranks of the Civic Forum. In 2001, he released his own album My Age, he also played in three musicals by Michal David Cleopatra (Apollodoros), Three Musketeers (King Louis XIII, Porthos) and Angelika (Lorraine). The last time he surprisingly appeared as a guest on the record Gorilla vs. Architect (2008) of rapper Vladimir 518, a member of the legendary PSH and, among other things, the author of many comics and illustrations.
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Modrý Efekt & Radim Hladík
Supraphon 1 13 1586
released 1975
Radim Hladík, guitar
Jiří Stivín, flute
Lešek Semelka, piano, organ, vocals
Martin Kratochvíl, piano
Josef Kůstka, bass, vocals
Vlado Čech, drums

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