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Knud Mortensen
Knud had his first piano lessons at the early age of 6. In 1992, just age 13, he performed his first live gigs. 3 years later, Knud worked as a piano teacher at music schools and primary schools.
From 1997 till 1998, he had a job in a kindergarten. After that, he was active for the Danish Music Folk High School, and, later, as a teacher at the Frederiksberg Pre-Conservatory and at the Ubberup Folk High School. First concerts showed him together with the Bluesbrothers, the Peter Jessen Kvartet, Morganism, and others. Since 2000, Knud studies at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in København.
contact: mail@knudmortensen.com
homepage: www.knudmortensen.com
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Cope CD030
recorded November 2001 in København/Denmark
Svein-Erik Martinsen, guitar, vocals
Knud Mortensen, organ
Thomas Bang, bass
Marcus Rostedt, drums

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