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Jouni Joronen
Jouni Joronen has worked in the Finnish blues, jazz, and rock 'n roll scene including bands like Organ High, Groovy Eyes,Remu, Susanna Hietala band, Fat Bag Groove, Lates Brutal Mono and as a piano/organplayer in different combos of his own.
After having played about 80 gigs with organ trio Fat Bag Groove, which followed the style of Jimmy Smith with Wes Montgomery, Jouni, aound 2002, got a Hammond C-3 organ of his own. His skills include pedal playing and singing. His style has been influenced by great artists such as John Coltrane, Keith Jarret, Edward Wesala, Jimmy Smith, Jean Sibelius, and Lauri Hannu. Newer recordings show a tendency towards avantgard.
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Manitoba Motorway
Hankikantotuotanto HKT 500
recorded 2003 in Finland
Jouni Joronen, Hammond C-3 organ, piano, synth, drums, percussion, flute, voice
Lauri Hannu, banjo, guitar, drums, percussion, bass, synth, voice
The Legmaster
Hankikantotuotanto HKT 600
recorded July 2004 in Finland
Jouni Joronen, Hammond C-3 organ, synth, percussion, voice
Juppo Paavola, drums
Hittejä Hammondilla (Vol. 1)
ÖÖDiscs CD0001
recorded 2006 in Finland
Jouni Joronen, Hammond organ

Sound Samples
MP3 "Day-O", from the album "Hittejä Hammondilla"
03:16 - 3,076kB
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