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Osmo Seppälä
Osmo (* 1952) in Utti, Kouvola started playing Farfisa organ in the Horizon group at the end of the sixties. Soon the band started to play more progressive rock under a name Session and made a LP "Unikuva". The keyboards then were a Hammond L 122 and a Wurlitzer electric piano. Osmo bought a Hammond B-3 organ in 1975. It followed a few years of playing mostly synthesizers, and doing some recordings and playing also in restaurants and ballrooms. Starting as a music teacher in 1997 he began to play organ jazz only.
In 2006, he recorded, together with Timo Heikkilä on guitar and Sami Laakso on drums, the CD "Sunday Jam". The trio then has played mostly in Kouvola and in southern Finland. Osmo has met many great organists at Pori-Jazzfestival, because they have played his Hammond organ, however Osmo has played also himself in Pori. He is influenced by Jimmy McGriff, Jack McDuff, Larry Young, Keith Emerson, Larry Goldings, and Pat Bianchi.
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Sunday Jam
recorded 2006 in Finland
Osmo Seppälä, Hammond B-3 organ
Timo Heikkilä, guitar
Sami Laakso, drums

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