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Adrien Durand
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(Loin des) Rivages
no label
recorded June 2020
Adrien Durand, piano, organ, synthesizers, vibes
Julien Cavard, soprano sax, flute
Adrien Soleiman, tenor sax, baritone sax
Tanguy Jouanjan, trumpet, flugelhorn
Arnaud Sèche, soprano flute, alto flute
Emma Broughton, alto flute, bass flute
Adrian Edeline, guitar
Maxime Kosinetz, synthesizer
Gustave Rudman, synthesizer
Malvina Meinier, harpsichord
Wendy Killman, drums, timbales, glockenspiel
Arnaud Biscaye, drums, marimba, kayambe, triangle
Pedro Barrios, congas, percussion, vibes

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