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André Hervé
André (*1946) was a pianist, keyboardist, and guitarist, known as a member of the group "Zoo". He died in 2004.


Gate's On The Heat
Barclay BRCS 80 603
released 1973
recorded 1972 to 1973 in Herouville/France and Montreux/Switzerland
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, guitar, harmonica, violin, vocals
Ed Logan, tenor sax
Andrew Love, tenor sax
James Mitchell, baritone sax
Wayne Jackson, trumpet
James Shane, guitar
Henry Vestine, guitar
Joe "Jammer" Wright, guitar
Ed Beyer, keyboards
André Hervé, organ, piano
Michel Hervé, bass
Richard Hite, bass
Big Joe Turner, bass
Adolfo de la Parra, drums
Christian Devaux, drums
Calep Emphery jr., drums

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