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photo: Matthias Kammer
Jean-Yves Jung
Upon moving to Paris in the early 90's he studied arrangement, orchestration and piano with Bojan Zulfikarpacik. Since then he has been involved in many musical projects, and as a pianist and organist he is counted among the upcoming musicians on the European scene. Next to international appearances with the Bireli Lagrene Quartet he can be heard on recordings and on tour with Billy Cobham's "Higher Ground". Also, he worked live and on CD with Philip Catherine, André Ceccareli, Sylvain Luc, East & West Jazz Coalition, Bobby Martinez, Manu Pekars's Passages, Tony Lakatos, Susan Weinert Band, Paris Jazz Big Band, Michael Arlt, Keith Copeland, Chritian Escoude ....more than 50 festival appearances, among them Rome, Bergen, Nice, Paris, Cypres, Corsika.
contact: jeanyves.jung@free.fr
homepage: organictrio.com
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Universal Music France 371 258-4
recorded September 2011 in Meudon/France
Biréli Lagrène, guitar
Franck Wolf, soprano sax, tenor sax
Jean-Yves Jung, Hammond B-3 organ
Jean-Marc Robin, drums
Saturn's Spell
Jazz Family
Brian Seeger, guitar
Jean-Yves Jung, Hammond B-3 organ
Paul Wiltgen, drums

au Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa (2016)
recorded 2016 live at Klub Klimat in Bielsko-Biała/Poland
Biréli Lagrène, guitar
Franck Wolf, tenor sax
Jean-Yves Jung, Hammond organ
Jean-Marc Robin, drums

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