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Matthieu Marthouret
Born in 1979, Matthieu began playing the jazz piano at the age of 15, and age 19 he decided to become a professional. He discovered the sound of the Hammond organ in the jazz when buying Jimmy Smith's and Larry Young's records. These two have still a major influence on him, but also living players like Larry Goldings, Sam Yahel, Emmanuel Bex, Jesse Chandler among others.
Graduated in piano and composing at the jazz conservatory in 2001, Matthieu won a scholarship from the French Government (2002) for a one year study at the "New School University" in New York City. During this period, he began studying seriously the Hammond organ with Mike Ledonne and Sam Yahel who were both playing steady gigs in the clubs "Smoke" and "Smalls". He starded to play a lot of jam sessions at the organ including the famous Sunday's Night Jam Session hosted by Seleno Clark in Harlem (American Legion post).
Matthieu also studied occasionally piano and organ with musicians such as Hal Galper, Aaron Goldberg, Kenny Werner, and Emmanuel Bex. Since he came back to France in 2003, he plays a lot with his regular organ trio "Talkin' About", sometimes with guests on trumpet or saxophone. He also plays as a piano and organ sideman and is a member of the "collectif polycarpe" (fifteen musiciens of the Lyon area).
contact: matt.mar@alicemail.fr
homepage: www.matthieumarthouret.com
myspace www.myspace.com/matthieumarthouret
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recorded December 2001 in France
Matthieu Marthouret, piano, Hammond organ
Sébastian Joulie, guitar
Nicolas Moreaux, bass
Charles Clayette, drums
Benoît Baud, alto sax
Éric Prost, tenor sax
Talkin' About
no label
recorded June 2004 in France
Matthieu Marthouret, organ
Sébastien Joulie, guitar
Charles Clayette, drums
Boris Pokora, alto sax
François Chassagnitte, trumpet
Panties Party
no label
recorded June 2005 in France
Matthieu Marthouret, organ
Sébastien Joulie, guitar
Charles Clayette, drums
Pierrik Vidal, alto sax, baritone sax
forward musique diffusion
recorded November 2005 in Frechencourt/France
Matthieu Marthouret, organ, piano
Sebastien Joulie, guitar
Charles Clayette, drums
David Prez, tenor sax
MuSt Record MR 6209-2
recorded February 2009 in Soignolles-en-Brie/France
Matthieu Marthouret, Hammond organ
David Prez, tenor sax
Sandro Zerafa, guitar
Manu Franchi, drums
Double Moon Records DMCHR 71104
recorded May 2011 in Paris/France
Matthieu Marthouret, organ
David Fettmann, alto sax
Nicolas Kummert, tenor sax
David Prez, tenor sax
Sandro Zerafa, guitar
Maxime Fougères, guitar
Manuel Franchi, drums
We See Music
recorded November 2021 in Malakoff/France
Matthieu Marthouret, Hammond Organ
Julien Alour, trumpet, flugelhorn
Robby Marshall, tenor sax, bass clarinet
Thomas Delor, drums

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