Bruno Micheli
Bruno was born in France in 1959. He is a professional jazz piano and chromatic harmonica player since 1979.
He worked with Sonny Costanzo and Clark Terry on their European tours from 1979 through 1980, and toured with Frank Foster in 1982/1983. Between 1984 and 1989 Bruno played with his piano/bass/drums trio in numerous festivals including Nice, Juan-les-Pins, Amiens, Montreal, Newport and Montreux. From 1989 to 1992, worked with the French jazz singer Anne Ducros.
Since 1995, Bruno plays frequently for jazz harmonicist Toots Thielmanns. He also plays on numerous records as a sideman.
Bruno is a long time fan of also the Hammond B-3 organ. His record "Caravan" shows him on the B3 as well as on piano and harmonica. A special track presents Emmanuel Bex on the B3 organ and Bruno on the harmonica.
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Studios des Puits Tournants SPT6
recorded July 2004 in Fréchencourt/France
Bruno Micheli, piano, Hammond B-3, A100, New B3 organs
Guillaume Bouchard, bass
Dominic Schlocker, drums
Fabien Mary, trumpet
Pierre Bresson, flute
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond A100 organ
Duets With Wine And Roses
no label
recorded August 2005 in Fréchencourt/France
Bruno Micheli, piano, harmonica, Hammond A105 organ
Dirk van der Linden, Hammond B-3 organ, piano
Studios des Puits Tournants SPT49
recorded July 2004 in Fréchencourt/France
Bruno Micheli, Hammond New B-3 organ
Alberto Marsico, organ
Gio Rossi, drums
Le Déserteur
Socadisc SPT201103
recorded 2010 in Fréchencourt/France
Bruno Micheli, KeyB Duo organ, piano, Fender Rhodes
Matteo Pastorino, clarinet

Sound Samples
MP3 "Theme For Juergen", recorded 2005 in Fréchencourt/France
04:13 - 3,956kB
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