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Didier Mouret
Didier was born in 1965 in Paris. After some years of playing the piano, he found his love for the Hammond organ. At age 14, he discovered Rhoda Scott and Eddy Louiss, who remained his great idols.
Didier worked for Roland and Techniques as programmer and at the same time demonstrated their instruments. From 1995 through 1999, he played the piano and the organ for Carole Fredericks, touring with her France, Switzerland, and Oversea Departments of France. During this time, 2 CDs were recorded with Carole.
In the following, Didier concentrated on playing the Hammond, became a member of Tribute to Hammond (French association of Hammond fans and friends) and took part in gigs organized by TTH in the famous jazz clubs Duc des Lombards and Caveau des Oubliettes in Paris.
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Mister KB3
no label
recorded April 2000 in Paris/France
Didier Mouret, Hammond B-3 organ
Davy Honnet, drums, percussion
Jean-Luc Ditsch, drums
Claude Thirifays, sax, flute
Philippe Delage, guitar
William Lefebvre, guitar

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