Stéfan Patry
Stéfan was raised in Nogent-le-Rotrou, France, where Rhoda Scott has lived for many years. Born in 1962, he started learning piano at a young age. At 13, he made friends with Rhoda Scott, who invited him to her house. Rhoda inspired Stéfan to become an organist. He started studying organ in Chartres at the Claudine Aucher school.
Later, Stéfan decided to attend the music conservatory in Paris' 13th disctrict for the study of church organ. At the same time, he studied singing and spent his nights in the local Jazz clubs. Rhoda invited him to tour with her, and he became her road manager for 6 years. 1984, he started the Jazz Tap Family with Philippe Combelle and Sean Gourley. 1996 followed a 2nd CD BAM...BAM...BAM

With the help of Rhoda Scott, the editor of the French Keyboards magazine, and many Hammond organ fans, Stéfan created the Tribute To Hammond organisation in 1996.

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My Funny Valentine
Jazztrade SL-CD-8038
recorded dec 1990 in Barneau/France
Stéfan Patry, Hammond B-3 organ
Patrick Artero, trumpet, flugelhorn
Pierre-Louis Cas, saxes
Nicolas Peslier, guitar
Gérard Marmet, drums
Bam ... Bam ... Bam
BB 898.2
recorded April 1996 in Barneau/France
Stéfan Patry, Hammond organ, vocals
Sean Gourley, guitar
Philippe Combelle, drums
Walk Don't Walk
BB 653.2
recorded September 1998 in Paris/France
Stéfan Patry, Hammond organ, vocals
Michel Delakian, trumpet, flugelhorn
Pascal Gaubert, tenor sax
Michel Grunberger, trombone
Gilles Renne, guitar
Idrissa Diop, percussions
Philippe Combelle, drums
Jean-Philippe Fanfant, drums
Organic Live
BB 671.2
recorded live June 2002 in Paris/France
Stéfan Patry, Hammond organ, vocals
Gilles Renne, guitar
Michel Delakian, trumpet, flugelhorn
Jean Philippe Fanfant, drums
Live Au Caveau Des Oubliettes
Black & Blue 689-2
recorded live January 2005 in Paris/France
Stéfan Patry, Hammond organ
Guillaume Perret, sax
Benjamin Henocq, drums
Organ Masters
Must Record MR 6213-3
recorded March 2007 in Paris/France
Rhoda Scott, Hammond organ
Emmanuel Bex, Hammond organ
Thierry Eliez, Hammond organ
Stéfan Patry, Hammond organ
Benoît Sourisse, Hammond organ
Organ Groove Explosion
Must Record MR 6219-2
recorded April 2011 in New York City/USA
Stéfan Patry, Hammond organ, vocals
Renato Caranto, tenor sax
Rob Paparozzi, harmonica
Grant Green jr., guitar
Bernard Purdie, drums
In Time
Must Record
Stéfan Patry, Hammond organ
Jean Jacques Elangué, tenor sax
Thomas Derouineau, drums

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