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Hervé Saint Guirons
Hervé Saint Guirons, born in 1977, is a French musician living in Bordeaux. He is an active jazz musician of this area both on the piano and the organ.
Hervé started to play music in his childhood and became professional after higher studies in computer science. He is mainly a self-taught musician even if he has had some teachers on various instruments and musical theory.
His first encounter with a Hammond organ happened in a bar during a jam. It was an RT3 model. No matter if he didn't know how the organ worked... it was such an expressive instrument with such an amazing sound! He decided to look for one which was done months later.
He has been very impressed by the great French organists Emmanuel Bex and Eddy Louiss which remain ones of his favorite. Nowadays, Hervé can be heard on the organ with swing & bop jazz combos (regular gigs with Alex Golino, Guillermo Roatta, Laurent Agnès, Didier Ottaviani, Jean-Yves Moka, Emile Saubole, and also one-shot gigs with musicians like Francis Bourrec, Ernest Dawkins, Carl Schlosser, Didier Conchon, etc.). He also plays contemporary jazz / improvised music with a band called "Both Trio" which made a 10-date tour during autumn 2006. Moreover, he is involved in various gospel music bands and he has worked with traditional musicians of Réunion island.
contact: contact@hervesaintguirons.com
homepage: www.hervesaintguirons.com
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All Sensitive People

recorded August 2009 in Cénac/France
Olga Mitroshina, vocals, piano
Hervé Saint Guirons, Hammond B-3 organ, Fender rhodes
Frédéric Borey, alto sax, tenor sax
Stefano Lucchini, drums

Sound Samples
MP3 "Green Dolphin Street" from the album "All Sensitive People"
05:06 - 4,788kB
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