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Martin Michel
Martin (*1957) began to play music at the age of 7 starting with accordion, which was quite popular these days. Later on joining classical accordion orchestras and participating at national and European contests with great success.
After seeing and hearing Jimmy Smith live, Martin could no longer resist the HAMMOND virus, so he bought his first "organ", a Farfisa Compact which today is rated as kind of legendary, but then was just a bargain. But still good enough to teach himself to play organ on this and the many following organs. (A B3 those days was just unaffordable for most musicians).
Since his 20's, Martin works as music teacher and bandleader, keyboarder and singer, with of course many excursions to several synths and a lot of experience in programming keyboards. As this turned out to be more and more boring after some years, Martin was anxious to go back to the roots and play the real thing again. He desperately wanted the pure feeling of playing an instrument, instead of using sound generators. After some years with a quartet and quintet, he formed in 2009 a trio with two very congenial musicians, Hanko Uphoff on guitar and Markus Eschmann on drums. With these cats, who bring many influences from different styles to the game, Martin celebrates the sound of the organ trio. So, for the next years Martin will be hauling around his 1955 B3 and 1953 Leslie and having tons of great fun with the beast.
contact: martin.michel@hammond-jazz.de
homepage: www.hammond-jazz.de
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Spinning Tone-Wheels
Drawbars Ltd.
recorded December 2003 in Selters/Germany
Martin Michel, Hammond organ
Mika Stanojevic, sax
Attila Egerer, drums
Stefan Reidel, bass
Groove & Drive
Drawbars Ltd.
recorded live December 2004 at "Bühne im Stall" in Offenthal/Germany
Martin Michel, organ
Paul Schmandt, bass
Markus Eschmann, drums
Mika Stanojevic, sax
Hot Grooves
Drawbars Ltd.
recorded live April 2011 at Jazzclub Grünberg/Germany
Martin Michel, Hammond B-3 organ
Hanko Uphoff, guitar
Markus Eschmann, drums

Sound Samples
MP3 "St. Thomas", from the album Hot Grooves
04:01 - 3,772kB
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