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Clemens Orth
Clemens T. Orth was born in Heidelberg. He started playing piano at the age of 7. At the age of 12 he concentrated his musical activities on classical organ and played the drums is some highschool bands.
In 1994, he founded the "Clemens Orth Trio" and focused on jazz. Two years later he won the "International Contest Of Young Jazz Musicians" , a highly appreciated European jazz contest in Kraków/Poland with his newly formed trio. After his undergraduate he decided to move to Köln/Germany to study piano and vocals at the Universität Köln where he graduated in 1999.
During these days he played with some well known German jazz legends such as Gunter Hampel, Manfred Schoof and Peter Herbolzheimer.
From January 2001 to March 2003 he won a 2-year scholarship to study jazz piano in New York City. During this period he played with: Art Baron, Essiet Essiet, Michael Mossman, Mark Ferber, Derek Nievergelt, Kevin Louis any some more. In 2004 he worked in different jazz and pop projects in and around the city of Köln such as CCJO, The Big Band Convention, Tobias-Kremer-Big-Band, Spacelab, etc.
In August 2005 Clemens recorded a Trio Album. He made radio and TV productions with: "Manfred-Schoof-Big-Band", "HR-Big-Band", "German-Jazz-Orchestra", "Clemens Orth Trio", "Next Generation", "Bit Too Hot", "VEGA", "Hast Du Töne?", "Gunter-Hampel-5-tett", "Brosis" and "Tobias-Kremer-Big-Band".
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Organic Soul Jazz Vol.1
no label
recorded April 2019 in Köln/Germany
Clemens Orth, Hammond organ
Bruno Müller, guitar
Dominik Raab, drums
Organic Universe
Double Moon Records DMOO71413.2
Peter Protschka, trumpet, flugelhorn
Johan Hörlen, alto sax
Clemens Orth, organ
Silvio Morger, drums

Sound Samples
MP3 "C3 Spirits", from the album "Organic Soul Jazz Vol.1"
04:48 - 4,769kB
Video n/a

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