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Ulf Siebeck
Ulf Siebeck, aka Mr Green, was born in Herdecke in 1981. At the age of six he began to learn playing the violin. After discovering the world of jazz music, he decided to get in touch with the keyboards/organ. Unfortunately his organ teacher at this time did not support him to play the instrument that Mr Green most admired: the mighty Hammond organ. After some years of frustrating lessons on some bad sounding home organs he changed to the drums and percussions at the age of 13. He received lessons from a very skilled drum teacher (Christian Gerke) and played in several groups and projects. During that time he collected experiences in studios and also live playing experience. In the year 2005 he decided to start his own project which is called "sordid sorcery". After a couple of rudimental recording sessions with drums and Hammond organ substitutes he realized one of the greatest dreams in his life. He bought a vintage tonewheel Hammond organ with a Leslie speaker and taught himself playing that legendary instrument.
In February 2007 he made a recording session in a professional studio together with his friend Philip Dous, who is an educated audio engineer. Mr Green played the organ, the drums and the percussions on his first studio track called 'prime mover'.
contact: ulf81@freenet.de
myspace www.myspace.com/sordidsorcery
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MP3 "Sordid Sorcery"
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