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Beppe Crovella
Beppe (* 1952 in Torino) began playing at the age of 15. He made his debut in 1967 with the X5 in the village theater. In 1968 "The Mystics" were born, who performed continuously in village festivals, in ballrooms and opening for artists such as Mal and Farassino. In 1969 "The Mystics" won the gold medal, the first prize at the Chivasso Festival of Complexes.
In 1974 the stupendous musical adventure with the "arti & mestieri" began. The test was brilliantly passed at the debut at the Parco Lambro Festival, the "Italian Woodstock" in front of 45,000 people where the group was defined as "the revelation of the Festival". This album was followed by a national tour on PFM which took the group to the best theaters and sports halls throughout Italy. In 1978 he began the recording work with the soundtrack he composed of "I care" dedicated to Don Milani, with the RAI director Sergio Ariotti. Beppe composed and recorded with a certain continuity music for acronyms and documentaries for the 3 RAI channels, radio and TV up to the 42 complete episodes of the classic "Journey to the Americas" directed by Carlesi.
Beppo specialized in writing and producing music for cartoons, winning 2 very important international festivals, with cartoons by Altan, directed by Enzo D'Alo': "Cartoon On The Bay". In the 90s Beppe founded the Electromantic Music Publishing House which also became a Record Company. More than 150 musical productions were made with 41 artists, distributed worldwide by Maracash and in Italy by Self.
In 1999 the arti & mestieri were reformed, and an exciting season opened in Italy and in the world, bringing the group to the most prestigious world festivals as "headliners" in the USA, Mexico, where they will return both to the festival and on tour, in France, Portugal and above all in Japan where a success story that will continue over time will start. In Japan he also made his debut in Tokyo, with his trio, the C3. Beppe to date has written more than 2500 compositions, including songs.
Of particular importance in Beppe's artistic career are his solo productions as a pianist, as Hammond organ player and "Vintage" keyboardist. He has released numerous albums, obtaining significant awards. "It's a great addition to the 'Hammond library'", says Brian Auger. Alone, on piano, he has performed in Italy, Belgium and Japan. A double album was made of the 'solo' moments with arti & mestieri and the C3 from the live concert at the Castle of San Sebastiano.
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Hammond Homage 1: Lucio Battisti
iMD-Radical Records
released 1992
Beppe Crovella, Hammond organ, piano
Franco Rivagli, guitars
Slep / guitars, dobro
Frank Gambale, guitars
Akil Wemusa, bass
Giovanni Faga, bass
Mark Shulman, drums
Kings Of Clubs
Synergy Records SYNLP 9004
released 1992
Beppe Crovella, Hammond B-3 and M-3 organ, Wurlitzer piano, clavinet
Piero Vallero, alto sax, tenor sax
Gian Franco Marchesi, trombone
Gigi Mucciolo, trumpet, flugelhorn
Antonio Santoro, flute
Slep, guitar
Franco Rivagli, guitar
Mario Petracca, guitar
Enrico Cresci, guitar
Giovanni Faga, bass
Guido Guglielminetti, bass
Elio Rivagli, drums, percussion
Beppe Canavero, drums
Lello Bellarte, percussion
Soulful Traffic
Electromantic Music ARTB 303
Beppe Crovella, guitar, slide guitar, dobro, Hammond A-100 and M-3 organ, Vox organ, Wurlitzer piano, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, mellotron, bass
Diego Boroti, sax, flute
Aldo Caramellino, trombone
Amik Guerra, trumpet
Alex Loggia, guitar
Dany Martinez, guitar
Frank Gambale, guitar
Franco Rivagli, guitar
Kenwood Denmark, drums
Mark Schulman, drums
Steve Gadd, drums
Steven Wolf, drums
Clive Bunker, drums
Furio Chirico, drums
Giovanni Faga, bass
Marco Fenocchio, bass
Massimo Camarca, bass
Lello Bellarte, congas, percussion

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