Gianni Giudici
Gianni Giudici – over thirty five years as a Jazz musician, with a great symbiosis with all keyboard instruments, from the piano to the polyhedral world of the electronic keyboards. Besides being a talented composer and pianist, since the seventies he is also billed as one of the best European performers on the Hammond, an instrument which he plays with a unique style and virtuosity: he has also been an official Hammond demonstrator and concert artist during the early seventies.
In the later years he played in concerts with high-caliber artists such as: Al Grey, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Bobby Watson, Benny Bailey, Tony Scott, Valery Ponomarev, Ingrid Jensen, Chet Baker, Terry Gibbs, Gary Burton, Milt Jackson, Bruce Forman, Randy Bersen, Jimmy Owens, Cameron Brown, Joyce Youille, Madeline Peyroux, Lew Tabackin, the Jestofunk band (also recording a tune with Eric Marienthal) and many European and Italian top Jazz musicians like Renzo Arbore, top international TV star and President of Umbria Jazz.
Since 1974 he has been holding the position of VP-Musical Director of GENERALMUSIC, the largest European producer of Musical Instruments, and this unique position allowed him to enter the heart of sound syntheses techniques, diversifying between executive practices and musical instrument development with a versatility uncommon within the musical instrument field. Thanks to this experience, he also dedicated time for seminars on music and related technology.
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Terre Rare
Music Center BA CD013
recorded 2001 in Italy
Dario Faiella, guitar
Michael Rosen, sax
Riccardo Fioravanti, bass
Christian Meyer, drums
Stefano Bollani, piano
Gianni Giudici, Hammond organ
God Bless The Child
no label
recorded November 2003 in Ravenna/Italy
Katia Giannantonio, vocals
Edoardo Viola, vocals, percussion
Roberto Monti, guitar
Simone La Maida, alt sax, soprano sax
Gianni Giudici, organ
Ellade Bandin, drums
Ares Tavolazzi, bass
H.O.T. Vol. 1
no label
recorded February 2004 in Cesena/Italy
Gianni Giudici, organ
Alessandro Fariselli, tenor sax
Massimo Ferri, drums
H.O.T. Vol. 2
recorded May 2004 in Barcelona/Spain
Gianni Giudici, Hammond organ
Max Ferri, drums
Dave Wilkinson, guitar
Raynald Colom, trumpet
Guim Garcia Balasch, sax
Vintage! ...Ma Non Li Dimostra
recorded ??
Gianni Giudici, Hammond organ
Renzo Arbore's Swing Maniacs Band
M.M.C. Produzioni
recorded 2010 in Italy
Gianni Giudici, Hammond organ
Max Ferri, drums
Alessandro Fariselli, sax
Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet, flugelhorn

Hammond Mix
Gianni Giudici, Hammond B-3 organ

Sound Samples
MP3 "Just Funk", from the album "H.O.T. Vol. 1"
08:54 - 8,356kB
MP3 "Drops"
04:18 - 2,017kB
Video Hammond Mix, [as MP4, size: 47,804 kB]

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