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Gianluca Di Ienno
Gianluca detected his love for music at the early age of 3. He graduated in electronic organ, in classical piano and also in keyboards, and got a bachelor's degree in jazz piano. He taught himself to play Hammond organ and drums. He used to manage sequencers on a personal computer since he was 11.
Gianluca won several prizes and a scholarship. Also, he taught music, ear training and combo class for several years in different important music schools in Milano. He is now a professional jazz musician with a notable experience in sound design with a solid music production knowledge. In his career he collected international and brilliant experiences. Today he runs a label of his own (MU74) in his artistic loft in Milano.
contact: gianluca@gianlucadiienno.com
homepage: www.gianlucadiienno.com
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Flying Sparks IMT9760809.2
Beppo Ferra, guitar
Gianluca Di Ienno, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes piano
Nicola Angelucci, drums

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