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Sam, a.k.a. Samuele Pagliarani, (* 1971 in Cesenatico) is a composer, lyricist, Hammond organist, singer, pianist and keyboardist.
In 1996 he founded the Sam Paglia Trio, and as an instrument he chose the Hammond organ. In 1998 B-movie heroes was released on the Bolognese label Irma Records, his first album of original songs made as a fake soundtrack of an imaginary film. Also for Irma Records in 2000 comes out Nightclubtropez, a disco with influences of bossanova and soul jazz dedicated to the dance music of the Italian nights between the sixties and seventies. Sam is the first young organist to reproduce live certain sounds of 30 years earlier.
In 2003 the third album Killer cha cha cha was released for the Cinedelic record, more on the soul jazz and funk side. Sam met in a single and unrepeatable evening Piero Umiliani to play together the master's hits brought back to the fore by the lounge movement, classics such as Gassman Blues (from I soliti ignoti) and "Mah na mah na". The recording activity intensified that of live music and the composition of music for advertising jingles, television documentaries and auteur films and short films. In addition to playing all over Italy, the trio plays in festivals and clubs in Austria, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia, England, Switzerland.
Subsequent records are The Rare Sam Paglia from 2005, Electric Happiness from 2009, The Last Organ Party from 2012 and Funkenya from 2015. Sam collaborated with the Milanese director Max Croci for whom he composed various music for short films and television documentaries. Since 2005, he has been working as a composer for the Flipper Music publishing house specializing in television and film sound systems. In February 2018, his first album entirely sung in Italian was released, Canzoni a Tradimento, a tribute to the songwriting between Bruno Lauzi, Paolo Conte and Enzo Jannacci. In 2018 and 2019 he wrote two collections of short stories entitled "I diari della Taunus".
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B-Movie Heroes
Irma IRMA 492978-2

Sam Paglia, Hammond organ, piano, clavinet, vocals
Chicco 'Cocktail' Montefiori, sax
Enrico Farnedi, trumpet
Castantina Brigliadari, flute
Francesco Fuzz, guitar
Francesco Fuzz, guitar
Roby Dusi, guitar
Zoil Aloisi, bass
Christian Capiozzo, drums
Simo Paglia, drums
Chicco 'Mr.' Canducci, drums
Luca Torri, drums
Stefano Gori, percussion
Alessandra Muccini, vocals
Night Club Tropez
Irma IRMA 497706-2

Sam Paglia, Hammond organ, clavinet, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer, vocals
Valentino Bianchi, tenor sax
Enrico Farnedi, trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, organ, Egyptian violin, bass
Marco Vienna, guitar
Antonio Granebtieri, guitar
Andrea Costa, violin
Fulvia Barioni, viola
Gionata Costa, cello
Gabriele Medri, double bass
Luca Turatti, double bass
Fabio Nobile, percussion
Simo Paglia, drums
Cecilia Angelini, vocals
Killer Chachacha
Cinedelic Records CHCD 0031

Sam Paglia, organ, keyboards
Alex Scala, tenor sax
Enrico Farnedi, trumpet
Roberto Dusi, guitar
Matteo Severini, bass
Gabriele Medri, doulble bass
Chicco 'Mr.' Canducci, drums
Simo Paglia, drums
Christian Capiozzo, percussion
Sandra Cartolari, vocals
Hammond Boogaloo
Primrose Music PRCD 156
recorded in Cesenatico/Italy
Sam Paglia, organ
Electric Happiness
Dejavu DJV1000029

Sam Paglia, Hammond C-3 organ, piano, clavinet, synthesizers, percussion
Alex Scala, tenor sax
Federico 'Cocktail' Montefiori, tenor sax, baritone sax, bass clarinet
Enrico 'Rico' Farnedi, trumpet
Samuele Garofari, trumpet
Massi Amadori, guitar
Marco Vienna, guitar
Bob Dusi, guitar, percussion
Massimo Giovanardi, guitar
Luciano Titi, accordion
Mauro 'Musso' Mussoni, bass
Simo Paglia, drums, percussion
Sandra Cartolari, vocals
The Rare Sam Paglia
Hipclub Records HIPCLUB 0003-2

Sam Paglia, Hammond C-3 organ, piano, keyboards
Alex Scala, tenor sax
Federico 'Cocktail' Montefiori, tenor sax
Simo Paglia, guitar, bass, drums, percussion
Max Giovanardi, guitar
Bob Dusi, guitar
Mauro 'Musso' Mussoni, bass
Matteo Severini, bass
Doktor Zoil, bass
The Growl!
no label

Bob Dusi, guitar
Sam Paglia, Hammond organ
Michele Iaia, drums
Lost In Lounge
no label

Sam Paglia, Hammond C-3 organ, synthesizer
Alex Scala, sax, flute
Bob Dusi, guitar
Christian "Mr." Canducci, drums
Simo Paglia, percussion
Sandra Cartolari, vocals
Hammond Unique Sound
Primrose Music PRCD 250

Sam Paglia, Hammond C-3 organ, synthesizer
Alessandro Scala, tenor sax
Enrico Farnedi, trumpet, flugelhorn
Peppe Conte, guitar, bass
Michele Iaia, drums

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