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Fabio Ranghiero
Fabio started playing keyboards at the age of 12, learning the first chords by himself, then he played for some years in the usual school groups. 1989 is a fundamental year for Fabio, since he decided to pass to the piano and he started listening to the Blues. Since then he has been a member of the Barrelhouse Blues Band, basically a group that plays pure Chicago blues. The five year long experience with the Barrelhouse made him become known in the musical circles of the Veneto area. In 1995 he started the cooperation with other musicians, whoi played the blues and other types of music. That led him around Italy, often taking part in important shows and exhibitions. In the same year, Fabio began to play the Hammond organ and to study under the guide of some good teachers. This experiences still continues till today: the Hammond, piano, blues and many musicians who appreciate Fabio's presence in concerts or in the studio.
contact: fabio@ranghieronline.com
homepage: www.ranghieronline.com
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