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Raffaele Scoccia
Raffaele was born in Toscana, Italy in 1976. He started his music career at the age of eleven. After some time he met the well-known maestro Luis Bacalov who was impressed enough by his creative talent to exhort the 16-year-old composer to pursue his studies on the classical piano and on advanced harmony studies. At the same time Luis Bacalov became his mentor and encouraged the young musician to write music and extend his studies on the Hammond organ.
Furthermore to his first experience in a "Deep Purple" cover band playing the Hammond, Raffaele took inspiration from the late seventies Rock, Blues, Jazz and Funk music scene, enhancing his talent as a great live performer and generating a unique blend of style and improvisation He played in many important venues in Italy (Fiorenze, Milano, Napoli, Palermo and performed in many well-known clubs. In 1996, he took part in the Siena Jazz. Raffaele joined jazz seminar lessons in Genova in 2000, studying with Kanny Barron.
Cooperations with Luis Radio, Michelle Weeks, Down Tallman, Su Su Bobien, Barbara Tucker followed. In 2004, he became the leader of the Hammondology Band and he composed, wrote and arranged an album with Alves Dos Santos. A year later, he received the Young Talent Award at the "Campidoglio" in Roma. He also played the Hammond organ on Riccardo Sinigallia’s album and on Claudio Baglioni’s album.
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