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Giulio Stermieri
Giulio is a pianist, keyboardist, and composer. In his musical journey, the love for the Afro-American piano tradition and the practice of improvisation, timbre research on his instrument and with electronics converge.
As a composer he has collaborated with directors and choreographers. Since 2020 he has cultivated in particular the practice of live sound mainly with the Effetto Brama collective.
In his latest production Stermieri also recovers the relationship with the word, both through writing and through the use of sampling, curious about new hermeneutical horizons opened up by verbal language. The research on the voice takes the form of "Up for grabs" forthcoming album in which the Yabai quartet collaborates with Adele Altro.
A lover of synthesizers, Stermieri is also the keyboardist of Tristitropici, a band whose self-titled debut EP he also handled the production.
Questions about the relationship between musical production and use, together with a reflection on the political sense of community, lead him to create together with Laura Agnusdei Impulse Response, an unexpected music review and netlabel.
The solo performances (piano, Rhodes, Farfisa organ) and in trio with Luca Dalpozzo on double bass and Federico Negri on drums are the spaces in which today Stermieri brings together all these trajectories and best summarizes his path.
contact: info@giuliostermieri.com
homepage: www.giuliostermieri.com
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The Glamour Tapes
Ritmo&Blu R&BCC2102
recorded February 2020 in Pozzolengo/Italy
Cristiano Arcelli, alto sax
Michele Bonifati, guitar
Giulio Stermieri, Fender Rhodes, organ, synthesizer
Ermanno Baron, drums

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