Harlem Swing
Forest Music NNCJ-6001
recorded august 1992 in Tokyo/Japan
Toshihiko Kankawa, Hammond B3 organ, melodica
Jimmy Ponder,guitar
Greg Bandy, drums
Organ Meeting
What's New WNCJ 2104
recorded live january 2000 at the jazz club Bash in Roppongi, Tokyo/Japan
Toshihiko Kankawa, Hammond B3 organ
Jack McDuff, Hammond B3 organ
Nao Takeuchi, tenor sax
Kenichi Nishio, trumpet
Marvin Horn, guitar
Greg Bandy, drums
Kankawa Meets Gary Bartz
Forest Music NNCJ-6001
recorded live july/august 2003 in Nango and Kuchan/Japan
Gary Bartz, alto sax, soprano sax
Toshihiko Kankawa, organ, keyboards
Greg Bandy, drums
The Heavy Cats
Forest Music NNCJ-6003
recorded 2004 (?) in Japan
Hiram Bullock, guitar, vocals
Toshihiko Kankawa, organ, keyboards
Kenji Hino, bass
Fuyu, drums
Henderson Meets Kankawa
Forest Music NNCJ-6004
recorded september 1987 live at Loft-6 in OsakaJapan
Joe Henserson, tenor sax
Toshihiko Kankawa, Hamond B3 organ
Keith Kilgo, drums
Soul Fingers
Forest Music NNCJ-6005
recorded july/august 2005 in Tokyo/Japan
Toshihiko Kankawa, Hammond B3 organ, Roland sacral organ
Jun Yamagishi, guitar
Jimmie Smith, drums
Mark Whitfield, guitar
Winard Harper, drums
Phil Upchurch, guitar, bass
Cecil Monroe, drums
Andy McCloud, bass
Greg Bandy, drums
Seiichi Nakamura, clarinet
Takaaki Miyanoue, guitar


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