John Hondorp
John got a very solid musical education at the Musical High School in Enschede/The Netherlands, where he could take his diploma for electronic organ in 1986. In 1988, he even gained an award from this school. Between 1985 and 1987, his main discipline was the musical theory, but he also absolved courses in vocal jazz.
Beneath his activities in classical music, John started his jazz trio in 1997, playing the Hammond organ. This trio was merged into the Judy Niemack Hammond Band, in 2000. John performed at various jazz festivals, among others at the Jazzfest Gronau and the Jazzpodium De Tor in Enschede.

Since the late 80's, John Hondorp has become very committed as teacher for Hammond organ, combo coaching, jazz harmony, jazz analysis, and background vocals arrangement. He worked at various schools like the Conservatorium Leeuwarden, Landesmusikakademie Heek/Germany, and for workshops like the "Berklee in Europe" and the "Summer Jazz" in Heek. He is a professor for jazz organ at the Enschede Conservatory.

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Live At Henkelmann
no label
recorded November 2004 in Iserlohn/Germany
John Hondorp, Hammond organ
Dominik Korte, guitar
Marco Schmitz, drums
Open Stories
Dominik Korte DKP 0601
recorded February 2006 in Obing/Germany
John Hondorp, Hammond B-3 organ
Dominik Korte, guitar
Marco Schmitz, drums
Some Favourite Songs
DMG 54.218169.2
recorded June 2015 in Bad Iburg/Germany
Ansgar Specht, guitar
John Hondorp, Hammond B-3 organ
Markus Strothmann, drums, percussion
, drums

Sound Samples
MP3 "Snafu", from the album "Live At Henkelmann"
04:27 - 4,179kB
Video n/a

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