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Rob Mostert
Rob got his first organ lessons at the early age of eight. After being taught the basics by his brother Eric he received further tutoring at the local music school. As a ten year old he played at school dances and went on to more professional work, playing music during fashion shows (age 12) and being the keyboarder of several bands (age 14). Being too young to drive a car, his father acted as his private chauffeur.
After graduating from High School, things got really serious and Rob completed his studies at the Conservatory in 1988, with the Hammond organ as his main instrument. During those years Rob founded the 10 piece soul/funk band "Crime Passionnel" with which he played on a regular base. He also worked for Roland Benelux N.V.,demonstrating the latest keyboards and organs, composed for the Film Academy Amsterdam and Citroën Nederland and "comped" behind several well known dutch artists.
In 2005 Rob decided to go back to his roots and got hold of a Hammond B-3 (in mint condition), playing the Jazz/Blues/Soul music that sounds so great on this instrument. Rob founded a band simply called "B-3" to which operates as a trio, quartet or quintet. The music of B-3 could best be described as "Souljazz" and the band already succesfully performed in jazz clubs, festivals and company venues.
contact: robmosterthammondjazz@gmail.com
homepage: www.robmostert.com
myspace www.myspace.com/robmostert
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B-3 B-Loose!!
Netrecords CDB306333
recorded 2006 in The Netherlands
Rob Mostert, Hammond B-3 organ
Sander van Wonderen, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer
Trinus de Vries, tenor sax
Sarina Reilingh, vocals
Bert Schipper, drums, percussion
Jan Akkerman, guitar
Saskia Laroo, trumpet
Englewood Cliff Session
Music On Vinyl MOVLP 441
recorded March 2011 in Englewood Cliffs, NJ/USA
Rob Mostert, Hammond B-3 organ
Chris Strik, drums
Tom Klein, guitar
Houston Person, tenor sax
Charlotte Coppola, vocals

Sound Samples
MP3 "Do Anything", from the album "B-3 B-Loose!!"
06:46 - 6,352kB
Video n/a

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