no. of organists 13  

Brynjulf Blix picture of Brynjulf Blix  
James Dickenson picture of James Dickenson MP3
Bård Enerstad picture of Bård Enerstad  
Daniel Buner Formo picture of Daniel Buner Formo  
Kjell Johnsen sorry no pict  
Iver Kleive picture of Iver Kleive  
Steinar Nickelsen picture of Steinar Nickelsen MP3
Kjell-Tore Nordli picture of Kjell-Tore Nordli  
Roy Powell picture of Roy Powell  
Terje Rypdal picture of Terje Rypdal  
Ståle Storløkken picture of Ståle Storløkken  
Torjus Vierli picture of Torjus Vierli  
Paul Wagnberg picture of Paul Wagnberg  


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