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Григорий Сандомирский
(Gregory Sandomirsky)
Gregory (* 1972) graduated from the Moscow College of improvised music, with a major in piano. He is a pianist, an organist, and an arranger and proficient in free improvisation. He participated in workshops at the New York New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in Italy and in Siena Jazz Summer Workshop. He performed and collaborated with Dave Douglas, Omer Avital, Stefano Battaglia, Michael Blake, Kenny Werner, Scott Colley and John Taylor. His major areas of interest are free improvised music and experiments in ethnically oriented jazz based on the music of Sephardic Jews. As an improviser he has performed with many famous musicians including Eyal Maoz, William Parker, Alexei Kruglov, Yury Yaremchuk, François Carrier and Michel Lambert.
He is one of founders of the Goat's Notes avantgarde ensemble of improvised music, which resides on the famous Leo Records. Gregory Sandomirsky is a leader of several ensembles engaged in free improvisation music: Surfing Dog and Trio Logofet-Nadjarov-Sandomirsky. From 2005 to 2013 he supervised the ensemble of Sephardic music "Lampa Ladino" and issued an album on the Sketis Music label. Currently, he leads an ensemble, "Mediterranean Deconstruction", performing both his own compositions and instrumental versions of Spanish-Jewish songs. The Mediterranean Deconstruction ensemble collaborates actively with an amazing singer, Alina Rostotskaya. The Ladino Lounge is a trio consisting of Gregory Sandomirsky, Maria Logofet (violin) and Anatoly Osipov (saxophone) representing a chamber instrumental version of the Mediterranean Deconstruction ensemble.
contact: sandomirsky@gmail.com
homepage: www.grishasando.com
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Fancy Music
recorded in Москва (Moscow)/Russia
Oleg Mariakhin, baritone sax
Andrey Bessonov, bass clarinet
Vladimir Rusinov, guitar
Gregory Sandomirsky, Hammond C-3 organ, synthesizer, shofar, voice
Guram Machavariani, bass
Piotr Talalay, drums

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