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Enrique Valdivieso
Deeply influenced by the Arabian world of music, the Granadian Valdivieso has created a great suite "Ziryab" (black bird) which shows his pride not only of his Andalusian roots, but also of his wide experiences of this monstruous instrument Hammond organ. He toured various countries like Marocco, Senegal, Libanon, England, France, and even Iran and Syria.
His family gave Enrique the musical base; his father played the piano and the accordeon, his uncle the trumpet. He became a master in the difficult handling of the organ, and his creativity allowed him to explore the new musical tendencies and to incorporate the new richness of electronical sounds to the traditional sound of the Hammond organ.
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homepage: www.valdiviesoorganjazz.com
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Pajaro Negro
RNE 630010
released 1988
Enrique Valdivieso, Hammond organ
Marcelino Merino, guitar
José Luis Yagüe, bass
Tarik Banzi, percussion
Manuel Morales, flute, sax
Manuel Heredia, drums
Pedro Smith, drums

Sound Samples
MP3 "Moros Y Cristianos", from the album Pajaro Negro
04:12 - 4,942kB
Video n/a

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