Time In Place
Atlantic Jazz 7 81840-1
recorded december 1987 in New York City/USA
Mike Stern, guitar
Bob Berg, tenor sax, soprano sax
Michael Brecker, tenor sax
Jim Beard, keys
Jeff Andrews, ass, fretless
Peter Erskine, drums
Don Alias, percusion
Don Grolnick, organ
In The Shadows
Denon 81757 6210 2
recorded 1990
Bob Berg, sax
Dennis Chambers, drums
Jim Beard, keyboards
Lincoln Goines, bass
Mike Stern, guitar
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Will Lee, bass
Back Roads
Denon CY-79042
recorded 1991 (?) in USA
Bob Berg, sax
Jim Beard, piano, Hammond organ, synthesizers
Mike Stern, guitar
Lincoln Goines, bass
Dennis Chambers, drums
Manolo Badrena, percussion
Stretch Records SCD-9008-2
recorded april-may 1994 in USA
Bob Berg, tenor sax, soprano sax, recorder
Arto Tuncboyaciyan, vocals, percussion
Gil Goldstein, ccordion
Jim Beard, piano, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, clavinet
John Herington, guitar, mandolin
John Patitucci, bass
Victor Bailey, bass
Steve Gadd, drums
Is What It Is
Atlantic Jazz 7567-82571-2
recorded in New York, NY/USA and Stamford, CT/USA
Mike Stern, guitar
Michael Brecker, sax
Bob Malach, sax
Jim Beard, synthesizers, piano, Hammond organ
Will Lee, bass
Harvie Swartz, acoustic bass
Dennis Chambers, drums
Ben Perowsky, drums
Cream Records CR 380-2
recorded 1996 (?) in Bronxville, NY/USA
Bill Evans, soprano sax, tenor sax
Jim Beard, Hammond B3 organ, keyboards
Ken Meccia, trombone
Wallace Roney, trumpet
Jon Herington, guitar
Gary Poulson, guitar
Lee Ritenour, guitar
Nick Moroch, guitar
Ron Jenkins, bass
Mark Egan, bass
Victor Bailey, bass
Marcus Miller, bass
Manolo Badrena, percussion
Billy Kilson, drums
Steve Ferrone, drums
Chelsea Orchestra, strings
Loni Groves, vocals
Mark Ledford, vocals
Robin Beck, vocals
These Times
ESC Records ESC 4911

Mike Stern, guitar
Jon Herington, additional rhythm guitars
Kenny Garrett, soprano sax, alto sax
Bob Franceschini, tenor sax
Bob Malach, tenor sax
Jim Beard, piano, organ, synthesizers
Bela Fleck, banjo
Richard Bona, vocals, bass & percussion
Elizabeth Kontomanou, vocals
Will Lee, bass
Victor Wooten, bass
Dennis Chambers, drums
Vinnie Colaiuta, drums
Arto Tuncboyaclyan, percussion
Don Alias, percussion
Big Neighborhood
Heads Up HUCD 3157

Mike Stern, guitar
Eric Johnson, guitar
Steve Vai, guitar
Bob Franceschini, sax
Bob Malach, sax
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Richard Bona, vocals, bass
Esperanza Spalding, vocals, bass
Jim Beard, piano, keyboards, Hammond B3 organ
John Medeski, piano, clavinet, Hammond B3 organ
Chris Wood, bass
Chris Minh Dokym, bass
Lincoln Goines, bass
Cindy Blackman, drums
Dave Weckl, drums
Terri Lyne Carrington, drums
Billy Martin, drums
Lionel Cordew, drums


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