Soulful Drop
recorded in the 70s in USA
Seleno Clarke, Hammond B3 organ
further details unknown
All In One
Oneles 1115 2
recorded june 1999 in USA
Seleno Clarke, organ, keyboards
Seleno jr., tenor sax
Roger Coles, drums
James Zoler, trumpet
Gerald Brazel, trumpet
Noel Scott, alto sax
Zaide Nasser, alto sax
Watson Brown, guitar
John Moody, bass
Live At Smoke
Oneles 0877 2
recorded april 2003 in USA
Seleno Clarke, organ
Jim Rotondi, trumpet
Eric Alexander, tenor sax
Rodney Jones, guitar
David Lee Jones, alto sax
Steve Davis, trombone
Roger Coles, drums
Peter Bernstein, guitar
David O'Rourke, guitar
Gerald Brazel, trumpet
David Gibson, trombone
Joe Friedman, guitar


Sound Samples
MP3 "Memphis Boogaloo", from the single "Soulful Drop"
02:36 - 1,221kB
MP3 "Soulful Drop", from the single "Soulful Drop"
02:40 - 1,259kB
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