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Buddy Cole
Edwin Lemar "Buddy" Cole was born in 1916 in Irving, IL. He started his career as a theater organist, but worked then with various big bands. In the 40's and 50's, he was asked as studio musician, primarly for vocalists as Tony Martin and Bing Crosby. Also, he was involved in radio and TV shows.
In the 50's, Cole worked as an organist in the Mancini orchestra. He recorded a series of LPs (unfortunately the IAJO does not hold a discography of these albums) for Warner Brothers. In his last days, Buddy discovered his love for the pipe organ, and recorded the Pipe Organ Plus series on the organ which he had built in his home. He passed away in 1964.


Organ Moods In Hi-Fi
Columbia CL 874
released 1956
Buddy Cole, organ
Pipes, Pedals And Fidelity
Columbia CL 1003
released 1957
Buddy Cole, pipe organ
Sweet And Lovely
Tops Records L1604
released 1957
Buddy Cole, organ
The Mellowaires
Have Organ, Will Swing
Warner Brothers WS 1211
released 1959
Buddy Cole, organ
further details unknown
Hot And Cole
Warner Brothers WS 1252
released 1959
Buddy Cole, organ
further details unknown
Power House
Warner Brothers WS 1310
released 1959
Buddy Cole, Hammond organ
Swing Fever
Warner Brothers WS 1373
released 1960
Buddy Cole, Hammond organ
Vince Terry, guitar
Red Callender, bass
Jack Costanzo, bongos
Al Stoller, percussion
Lou Singer, percussion
Milt Holland, percussion
Buddy Cole Live 1962
released 1962
Buddy Cole, Wurlitzer organ
Ingenuity In Sound
Warner Brothers WS 1442
released 1962
Buddy Cole, Hammond B-3 organ
Lionel Hampton Vol. 10 1950
MCA Coral 6.22423 AK
released 1976
recorded July/September 1950 in USA
Lionel Hampton, vibes
Buddy Cole, organ
Milt Buckner, piano
Billy Mackell, guitar
Roy Johnson, bass
Ellis Bartree, drums
Hammond Organ Greats
Vintage Masters
Buddy Cole, Hammond organ

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