Going To Meet The Man
Koch Jazz KOCCD 61413
recorded april 2000 in Brooklyn, NY/USA
Mark Turner, tenor sax
Kurt Rosenwinkel, guitar
Mark Gross, alto sax, soprano sax
George Colligan, piano, Hammond B3 organ
Joshua Ginsburg, bass
H. Benjamin Schumann, drums
Mad Science
Sunny Sky 723
recorded december 2002 in Paramus, NJ/USA
George Colligan, Hammond B3 organ
Tom Guama, guitars
Rodney Holmes, drums
Gary Thomas, tenor sax, flute
Sirocco SJL 1030
recorded september 2004 in New York/USA
George Colligan, Hammond B3 organ, synthesizers
Tom Guarna, guitars
Rodney Holmes, drums
Live At Queen Elizabeth Hall
BBC recording
recorded november 2012 in London/Great Britain
Jack DeJohnette, drums
Don Byron, clarinet, tenor sax
Marvin Sewell, guitar
George Colligan, piano, keyboards, pocket trumpet
Jerome Harris, electric bass


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