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Mel Davis
The Hammond's big band grooves, thanks to masters and club mentors such as George Benson, Larry Young Jr., Brother Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff and Dr. Lonnie Smith, worked their way into Davis' DNA. Eventually his hands were walking and talking good music. But 24 years ago, Davis lost the ability to play with his hands. Caught in the motorized belt of a fast-moving container-making machine where he worked to supplement his music income, a finger was ripped from his left hand, which was also split diagonally.
Eight painful years and seven grueling operations was what it took for Davis to rehabilitate that hand and those fingers before he could play again. Even his brain underwent reconstruction. It had to adjust to Davis now playing bass with his left, chords and melodies with his right; the opposite way he learned and opposite the way most musicians play.
Immediately following his complete recovery, Davis has played, worked and recorded with the legendary jazz guitarist George Benson. During the 1998 and 1999 Newark Jazz Festival organ jams, Davis headlined with Benson, Charles Earland, Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff, Joey DeFrancesco, Rhoda Scott and Seleno Clark with a guest appearance by Youngblood. He travelled the globe: England, Italy, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands and more with jazz guitarist Ronny Jordan.
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N-Coded Music 4253
recorded January 2005 in Paramus, NJ/USA
Mel Davis, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboard, synthesizer
Ronny Jordan, guitar
Mark Bowers, guitar
Bruce Williams, sax
Freddie Hendrix, trumpet, flugelhorn
Abe Fogle, drums
DJ AP, turntables
It's About Time!
TomTom Records TTR-1247-5
recorded summer 2006 in Paramus/NJ, USA
Mel Davis, Hammond B-3 organ, vocals
Mark Bowers, guitar
Ronny Jordan, guitar
Freddie Hendrix, flugelhorn, trumpet
Bruce Williams, sax
Dave Moore, drums
G. Earl Grice, drums
Butch Johnson, congas

Sound Samples
MP3 "MelFred", from the album "It's About Time!"
06:39 - 6,242kB
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