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David Ellington
Growing up playing music, David studied the traditional classical fare that kids typically learn. But as adolescence hit and FM radio came into its own, David became attracted to all these other styles of music that he heard on the radio in the late 1960s/early 1970s - and everything changed. Throughout his teenage years, he played in garage bands and with friends, in school, and rocking' church musicals, always trying to learn more of the music that he heard all around him. After graduating high school, he left his home town in Connecticut and moved to Boston. There he attended Berklee College of Music in the early 1980s, before moving to New Orleans in 1983.
Immersed in the extraordinary music scene in New Orleans, David worked and recorded with dozens of artists, including: Walter Wolfman Washington, The Wild Magnolias, Leigh 'Lil' Queen Harris, Troi Bechet, Josh Paxton/Dave Ellington Trio, Los Vecinos, Rick Trolsen, Marva Wright and Tommy Ridgely, among many others. David also created the group 'Chevere', a fiery afro-cuban jazz group. David also had the good fortune to study with Ellis Marsalis while attending the University of New Orleans in the mid 1990s.?
Since moving to Atlanta in 2005, David has been busy focusing on the Hammond organ with the David Ellington Organ Trio and with numerous established Atlanta groups and leaders. Some are: The Dan Baraszu & David Ellington Group, The Rick Lollar Band, Will Scruggs's CC Booker 3rd, Dan Baraszu's Planet Zu, The Karen Greene Quartet, The Dan Coy Group, The Dave & Dave Duo w/David Freeman, Scott Glazer's Mojo Dojo, The Yellow King, Ken Gregory's Solid State, Kenyon Carter Group - and also accompanying jazz singers Kayla Taylor, Laura Coyle, Gwen Hughes, and Karin Williams.
Although his focus is on Hammond B-3 Organ, David also performs on acoustic piano, as well as some very select vintage and modern keyboard gear.
contact: ellington.david@gmail.com
homepage: www.davidellington.com
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Wolf At The Door
Rounder Records Rounder CD 2098
recorded in New Orleans, LA/USA
Walter "Wolfman" Washington, guitar, vocals
Tom Fitzpatrick, soprano sax, tenor sax
David Ellington, Hammond B-3 organ, synthesizer
Jack Cruz, bass
Wilbert "Junkyard Dog" Arnold, drums
George "Geeje" Jackson jr., congas, percussion
Organ Trio
Blue Canoe BC1312

Dan Baraszu, guitar
Dave Ellington, Hammond B-3 organ
Marlon Patton, drums
Marbles From a Drawer
Blue Canoe BC1338

David Ellington, Wurlitzer organ, Hammond A-100 organ, mellotron, piano
Rick Lollar, guitar
Coy Bowles, guitar, tamborine
Kevin Scott, bass
Aaron Trubic, bass
Kevin Smith, bass
Mark Raudabaugh, drums
Darren Stanley, drums
Justin Chesarek, tamborine
Bridget Kitson, vocals
Marshall Ruffin, vocals
Clay Cook, vocals
Oliver Wood, vocals
Omar's Lament
Blue Canoe BC1392
recorded in Atlanta, GA/USA
David Ellington, Hammond A100, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer, Vintage Vibe Vibanet
Chris Burroughs, drums

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