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Louis Madison
Louis was a R&B and blues pianist and a longtime member of James Brown's The Famous Flames. He was the background vocalist and keyboardist in the 1959 smash hit record "Please, Please, Please".


The Singles Vol. 1 - 1956-1960
Polydor B0007029-02
James Brown, vocals
Alfred Corley, alto sax, tenor sax
George Dorsey, alto sax
James McGary, alto sax
John B. Brown, alto sax
Cleveland Lowe, tenor sax
Clifford Scott, tenor sax
Hal "Cornbread" Singer, tenor sax
J.C. Davis, tenor sax
Ray Felder, tenor sax
Wilbert "Lee Diamond" Smith, tenor sax
Bobby Roach, guitar
Eddie Freeman, guitar
John Faire, guitar
Kenny Burrell, guitar
Nafloyd Scott, guitar
Thomas Gable, guitar
Louis Madison, organ, piano
Ernie Hayes, piano
Alvin "Fats" Gonder, piano
Jonny Thompson, piano
Bernard Odum, bass
Carl Pruitt, bass
Clarence Mack, bass
Edwyn Conley, bass
Edison Gore, drums
Nat Kendrick, drums
David Panama Francis, drums
Reginald Hall, drums

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