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Mike Melvoin
Mike (*1937) was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and began playing the piano at the age of three. He studied English at Dartmouth College, graduating in 1959, but decided to pursue a career in music. Mike's original family name was Mehlworm. After moving to Los Angeles in 1961, he played with Frank Rosolino, Leroy Vinnegar, Gerald Wilson, Paul Horn, Terry Gibbs, Joe Williams, Peggy Lee and others. Mike played in clubs in Los Angeles, and accompanied singer Bill Henderson and played with Herb Ellis, Plas Johnson, Mike Mandel and Gábor Szabó.
Melvoin worked extensively as a studio musician, performing on the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds (1966), Frank Sinatra's That's Life (1966), the Jackson 5's ABC (1970), John Lennon's Stand by Me (1975), Tom Waits' Nighthawks at the Diner (1975), and Barbra Streisand's Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born) (1976). He worked in the early 1970s as a music director on The Partridge Family recordings, often playing keyboard, and also began composing for film and television including contributing scores to Fame and MacGyver.
Melvoin was the first active musician to serve as the head of NARAS. When NARAS introduced category changes to the Grammys in 2011, he opposed them. Melvoin died 2012.
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Music From Today's Music
World Pacific WPS 21864
released 1967
Bud Shank, alto sax
Jimmy Zito, flugelhorn
Dennis Budimir, guitar
Herb Ellis, guitar
Mike Melvoin, organ, harpsichord
Ray Brown, bass
Frank Capp, drums
Victor Feldman, vibes, percussion
Light My Fire
Impulse! AS-9159
released 1967
recorded August/September 1967 in Los Angeles, CA/USA
Bob Thiele, conductor
Gábor Szabó, guitar
Bud Shank, alto sax, tenor sax, flute
Buddy Collette, alto sax, tenor sax, flute
Bob Hardaway, alto sax, tenor sax, flute
Tom Scott, alto sax, tenor sax, flute
Lew McCreary, trombone
Mike Barone, trombone
Dick Leith, trombone
Bud Brisbois, trumpet
Gary Barone, trumpet
Jimmy Zito, trumpet
Aliver Mitchell, trumpet
Ray Triscari, trumpet
Howard Johnson, tuba
Dennis Budimer, guitar
Louis Morell, guitar
Bill Plummer, sitar
Mike Melvoin, organ, harpsichord
Lincoln Mayorga, piano, harpsichord
Carol Kaye, bass
Max Bennett, bass
Jimmy Gordon, drums
John Guerin, drums
Emil Richards, percussion
Gary Coleman, percussion
Gábor Szabó 1969
Skye Records SK-9
released 1969
recorded January 1969 in Los Angeles, CA/USA
Gábor Szabó, guitar
François Vaz, guitar
Mike Melvoin, organ
George Ricci, cello
Louis Kabok, bass
Randy Cierly, bass
Jim Keltner, percussion
Baby Batter
Janus Records JLS 3017
released 1971
Harvey Mandel, guitar
Howard Wales, organ, piano
Mike Melvoin, organ, piano
Larry Taylor, bass
Colin Bailey, drums
Paul Lagos, drums
Big Black, congas
Emil Richards, percussion
Joe Picaro, percussion
Sandra Crouch, tambourine
Delivers One More Hallelujah
Bell Records BELL 6075
released 1971
John Hurley, vocals
Chuck Findley, horns
Jackie Kelso, horns
Lew McCreary, horns
James Burton, guitar
Larry Carlton, guitar
Steve Scorfina, guitar
Mike Melvoin, organ
Mike McDonald, piano
Ronnie Wilkins, piano
Jerry Scheff, bass
Ronnie Tutt, drums
King Errisson, congas
Milt Holland, percussion
Letters To My Head
Capitol Records ST-11170
released 1973
Mike Deasy, guitar, mandolin, sitar, alto sax, banjo, bass, piano, vocals
Chuck Findley, horns
Don Menza, horns
Jackie Kelso, horns
Jim Horn, horns
Lew McCreary, horns
Ollie Mitchell, horns
Paul Hubinon, horns
Plas Johnson, horns
Slyde Hyde, horns
Larry Knechtel, autoharp
Jim Horn, flute
Art Munson, guitar
Jay Dee Maness, pedal steel guitar
Larry Knechtel, organ
Mike Melvoin, organ
Jerry Scheff, bass
Lee Sklar, bass
Max Bennett, bass
Jim Gordon, drums
Jim Keltner, drums
John Guerin, drums
Gary Coleman, percussion
Kathie Deasy, vocals
Self Portrait
Bosco Records PC1
released 1981
Pete Christlieb, tenor sax
Wayne Marsh, tenor sax
Don Christlieb, bassoon, contra bassoon
Joe Roccisano, alto sax, woodwinds
Steve Huffsteter, flugelhorn
John Morell, guitar
Lou Levy, piano
Mike Melvoin, Hammond organ, piano
Jim Hughart, bass
Dick Berk, drums
Nick Ceroli, drums
Joe Porcaro, percussion
Jerry Steinholtz, percussion
Going My Way
Bosco Records PC2
released 1982
Pete Christlieb, tenor sax
Michael Melvoin, Hammond organ
Alan Broadbent, piano
Jim Hughart, bass
Michael Whited, drums
Donald Bailey, drums, harmonica
The Szabó Equation
DCC Jazz DJZ-605
released 1990
Gábor Szabó, guitar
Jim Stewart, guitar
Mike Melvoin, organ
Louis Kabok, bass
Jim Keltner, drums
Hal Gordon, percussion

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