picture of Amos Milburn jr.

Amos Milburn jr.
Amos (not to be confused with Houston based Amos Milburn, 1927-1980) was a R&B pianist, singer and songwriter, active in the 1960s.


You Used Me And Other Texas Rhythm & Blues Songs
Mr R&B Records R&B-1000
released 1982
Amos Milburn jr., piano, organ, vocals
Fonzo, tenor sax
King Curtis, sax
Bill Hudson, guitar
Red Jones, guitar
Smokey Montgomery, guitar
Billy Sanders, guitar
John Wheaton, guitar
Delbert Clinton, harmonica
Ken Cobb, bass
Junior, bass
Guy Parnell, bass
Jim Reynolds, bass
Ronnie Dawson, drums
Ray Torres, drums
Jim Reynolds, bass
The Master Tones, vocals
James White, vocals
other players unknown

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