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Alan Pasqua
Alan (*1952 in New Jersey) is a jazz pianist and organist, educator and composer who co-composed the CBS Evening News theme. He also has had an extensive career in pop and rock music, most notably as a founding member, keyboardist and songwriter of the 1980s hard rock band, Giant. He studied at Indiana University and the New England Conservatory of Music. His album Twin Bill, released 2011, has been nominated a Grammy award.
Pasqua joined The New Tony Williams Lifetime and appeared on the albums Believe It and Million Dollar Legs. He then went on to perform with Eddie Money's band, after which he then joined Bob Dylan's band. Pasqua recorded two albums with Dylan (Bob Dylan at Budokan and Street-Legal). In the 1980s he performed with John Fogerty on the album Eye of the Zombie, with Starship on the album No Protection and joined Carlos Santana as keyboardist on Marathon, Zebop! and Havana Moon. He was also a founding member of the late 1980s rock band Giant, and he co-wrote the band's biggest hit, "I'll See You in My Dreams."
Later he composed and performed jazz, including trio recordings with Peter Erskine. He has also recorded with Allan Holdsworth. He is currently chair of Jazz Studies, Associate Professor, at the University of Southern California.
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Elektra 96 02251

Patrick Simmons, guitar, percussion, vocals
Cornelius Bumpus, sax
Marc Russo, sax
Greg Adams, trumpet
Jeff Baxter, guitar
Jude Cole, guitar
John McFee, guitar
Chris Thompson, guitar, vocals
Jack White, synthesizer
Brian Mann, synthesizer
Alan Pasqua, keyboards, organ, synthesizer
Victor Feldman, Fender Rhodes, marimba, percussion, piano
Nicky Hopkins, piano
Rev. Patrick Henderson, clavinet, keyboards, organ
Michael McDonald, keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
Ted Templeman, clavinet, keyboards
Bill Payne, Fender Rhodes, keyboards
Mike McDonald, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer
Dennis Belfield, bass
Leland Sklar, bass
Willie Weeks, bass
Michael Baird, drums
Mike Baird, drums
Mr. Roland, drums
Rick Shlosser, drums
Bobby LaKind, congas, percussion
Mark Browne, percussion
Amy Holland, vocals
John Elefante, vocals
Tom Johnston, vocals
Dave Lebolt, vocals
Maureen McDonald, vocals
David Pack, vocals
Kathy Walker, vocals
Jeff Wilson, vocals
This Is Love
i.e. Music 314 557 391-2

Lee Ritenour, bass, , guitar, synthesizer
Frank Becker, sax, synthesizer
Bill Evans, soprano sax, tenor sax
Ernie Watts, tenor sax
Jerry Hey, flugelhorn, trumpet
Gary Grant, trumpet
William Frank 'Bill' Reichenbach Jr., trombone
Larry Williams, flute, Keyboards, alto sax, synthesizer, vibes
Ronnie Foster, bass, organ
Alan Pasqua , Fender Rhodes, organ, piano
Hilary James, Fender Rhodes
Ralph Morrison III, violin
Paulinho Da Costa, percussion, timbales
Melvin Davis, bass
James Genus, bass
Sonny Emory, drums
Dave Weckl, drums
Phil Perry, vocals
Lisa Fischer, vocals

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