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Nick Peck
Nick is a San Francisco Bay Area native. He began piano lessons at 8. Peck spent his teenage years exploring pop music, and began writing his own compositions at 18. He began playing in progressive rock bands while in college. Starting in the late 80's, Peck fronted the Marin County-based prog rock group Episode for about a decade, recording two albums and gigging regionally. Peck continued his formal training in electronic music, receiving a BA from San Francisco State University and MFA from Mills College in Oakland, California. During that period, he focused on composing serious 20th century electronic music, particularly using modular analog synthesizers, analog tape, and field recordings.
In the mid-nineties, Peck recorded a big, sprawling epic progressive rock album called Under the Big Tree. The creation of this album marked a shift of focus from structured music to more improvisational techniques. He then co-founded the jamband Ten Ton Chicken. Though Peck had been playing Hammond organ since he was a teenager, it was during this period that the organ really became his primary instrument. After five years, 150 gigs, and two albums with the band, Peck left to focus on jazz. Six months later, he formed the Mill Valley Jazz Collective, a soul jazz group.
In 2004, Peck formed Sycamore Park, a funk/jazz band which recorded and gigged around the Bay Area for a couple of years. His most recent project is an album of acid and soul jazz compositions entitled "Fire Trucks I Have Known", which was released in September 2007. As of this writing, Peck is rehearsing up a new band, the Nick Peck Organ Trio, to gig in support of the album.
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Under The Big Tree
Tye Dye Records TYECD BHS-01
recorded between September 1995 and October 1997 in Sausalito, CA and Sebastopol, CA/USA
Nick Peck, piano, organ, synthesizer, vocals
Gary Morrell, guitar, vocals
Chris Bohn, guitar
Mike Bemesderfer, flute, vocals
Danielle Degruttola, cello
Don Tyler, bass
Harvey Salem, bass
Gary Scheuenstuhl, drums, percussion
Yasuo Keays Sonoda, drums, percussion
Eric 'Doc' Kampman, vocals
Positive Signal Flow
Tye Dye Records TYECD BHS-02

Nick Peck, synthesizer, keyboards
Fire Trucks I Have Known
Perceptive Productions
recorded 2007 in Mill Valley, CA/USA
Nick Peck, Hammond organ, piano, sythesizer, voice
Jake Langley, guitar
Jim Diaz, drums
Sean England, drums
Pete Fogle, guitar
Joe Nemzer, bass
John Campbell, alto sax
Bob Rogers, tenor sax
Steve Weaver, trombone
Dale Gutman, trumpet
Seth Chapla, guitar

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