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Leon Pendarvis
Leon (*1945 in South Carolina) is a keyboard player and an occasional guitarist. The young Leon graduated from climbing up on the bench to hit the keys to being taught by his mother, a pianist. He also learned to play trumpet and saxophone and was a bass player when he came to New York.
He has worked with Bonnie Raitt, Van McCoy, Barbra Streisand, Eric Clapton, Don Johnson, Avril Lavigne, Alan Rubin, and many more. He was at one time a member of the group Passion. He is also the musical director and conductor for NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL) Band. Since 1986 he has been a member of The Blues Brothers band. By 2014, he had been with the Saturday Night Live Band, playing keyboards for 30 years and was the longest serving member with the outfit.
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Funky Snakefoot
Blue Note BN-LA222-G
released 1974

Alphonze Mouzon, drums, piano, organ, synthesizer, vocals
Andy Gadsden, sax
Barry Rogers, trombone
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Richie Resnicoff, guitar
Mark Harowitz, pedal stelle guitar, banjo
Leon Pendarvis, piano, organ
Mike Mandel, piano
Harry Whitaker, piano
Harry Whitaker, clavinet
Gary King, bass
Ray Armando, congas, bongos
Angel Allende, percussion
Steve Berrios, percussion
Sweet Soul Music
MCA Records MCA-494
released 1975

Tracy Nelson, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Harrison Calloway jr., horn
Ronnie Eades, horn
Charles Rose, horn
Harvey Thompson, horn
Ron Cornelius, guitar
Pete Drake, guitar
Reggie Young, guitar
Johnny Gimble, fiddle, guitar, violin
Leon Pendarvis, keyboards, organ, piano
Richard Tee, keyboards, organ, piano Bob Babbitt, bass
Willie Hall, drums
Estelle Brown, vocals
Gerald Garrett, vocals
Sylvia Shemwell, vocals
Myrna Smith, vocals
Short Trip To Space
Marlin MARLIN 2204
released 1977

John Tropea, guitar
David Spinozza, guitar
George Young, reeds
Lew Del Gatto, reeds
Lou Marini, reeds
Michael Brecker, reeds
Dave Taylor, trombone
Sam Burtis, trombone
Alan Rubin, trumpet
Jon Faddis, trumpet
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Tony Price, tuba
Don Grolnick, keyboards
Leon Pendarvis, organ
Mike Mainieri, vibes
Richard Davis, bass
Will Lee, bass
Rick Marotta, drums
Steve Gadd, drums
Ralph MacDonald, percussion
Rubens Bassini, percussion
Another Hand
Elektra Musician 7559-61088-2
recorded in Astoria, NY and New York City/USA
released 1991

David Sanborn, alto sax
Lenny Pickett, tenor sax
Art Baron, trombone, bass trombone
Lenny Pickett, clarinet, bass clarinet
Marcus Miller, bass guitar
Bill Frisell, guitar
Dave Tronzo, guitar
Marc Ribot, guitar
Leon Pendarvis, organ
Mulgrew Miller, piano
Terry Adams, piano
Greg Cohen, bass
Bass - Charlie Haden, bass
Greg Cohen, bass
Jack DeJohnette, drums
Joey Baron, drums
Steve Jordan, drums
Don Alias, percussion
Syd Straw, vocals
Red, White & Blues
Turnstyle Records 14206-2
released 1992

Matt "Guitar" Murphy, guitar
Steve Cropper, guitar
Georg Wadenius, guitar
"Blue Lou" Marini, sax
Birch "Slide" Johnson, trombone
Alan "Mr. Fabulous" Rubin, trumpet
Leon Pendarvis, keyboards, vocals
Elwood Blues, harmonica, vocals
Donald "Duck" Dunn, bass
Steve Potts, drums
Danny Gottlieb, drums, percussion
Larry "T" Thurston, vocals
Eddie Floyd, vocals
Bop 'N' Blues
Kokopelli Records KOKO 1302
recorded November/December 1994 in Dallas, TX/USA

Cornell Dupree, guitar
Bobby Watson, sax
Ronnie Cuber, baritone sax
Terell Stafford, trumpet
Leon Pendarvis, piano, Hammond B-3 organ
Chuck Rainey, bass
Ricky Sebastian, drums
Sammy Figueroa, percussion
DV8 Records 31454 0742-2

Billy Porter, vocals
David Spinozza, guitar
Chris Taylor, guitar
Leon Pendarvis, organ
Peter Zizzo, piano, strings, synthesizer, guitar
Gary Haase, bass
Buddy Williams, drums
Bashiri Johnson, percussion
Warner Bros. 9 46809-2

Kirk Whalum, tenor sax, keyboards
Justo Almario, soprano sax
Gerald Albright, alto sax, bass
Chris Rodriguez, guitar
Paul Jackson jr., guitar
Dwight Sills, guitar
Mark Baldwin, guitar
Nick Moroch, guitar
Leon Pendarvis, Hammond organ
Bill Cantos, keyboards
Philippe Saisse, keyboards
Dan Shea, keyboards
Stuart Duncan, mandolin, violin
Chris Minh Doky, bass
Abraham Laboriel sr., bass
Tommy Simms, bass
Dwayne Smith, bass
Ronald Jenkins, bass
Chester Thompson, drums
Bill Maxwell, drums
Luis Conte, percussion
Lynn Fiddmont, vocals
Howard Hewett, vocals
Curtis King, vocals
Alison Krauss, vocals
Michael McDonald, vocals
Vaneese Thomas, vocals
Kevin Whalum, vocals
Out Of The Blue
Atlantic 92819-2

Jeff Golub, guitar
Marc Antoine, guitar
Kirk Whalum, sax
Tim Reis, sax
Richie Flores, horn, percussion
Jim Biggins, flute
David Woodford, flute, sax
Rick Braun, flugelhorn, trumpet
Jim Hynes, flugelhorn, trumpet
Jeff Levine, Hammond organ
Leon Pendarvis, Hammond organ
Ricky Peterson, Hammond organ
Kenny White, piano, Wurlitzer
Philippe Saisse, keyboards, percussion
Lincoln Goines, bass
Neil Jason, bass
Tony Levin, bass
Steve Ferrone, drums
Shawn Pelton, drums
Steve Barbuto, drums
Roger Squitero, percussion
James 'D-Train' Williams, vocals
Buddy's Baddest
Silvertone Records 01241-41677-2
Buddy Guy, guitar, vocals
George Young, alto sax
Malcome Duncan, sax
Lenny Pickett, tenor sax
Joe Sublett, tenor sax
Lew Del Gatto, baritone sax
Neil Sidwell, trombone
Dennis Wilson, trombone
Sid Gauld, trumpet
Ron Tooley, trumpet
Greg Rzab, bass guitar
David M. Smith, bass guitar
Neil Hubbard, guitar
Jeff Beck, guitar
John Porter, guitar
David Grissom, guitar
Scott Holt, guitar
G.E. Smith, guitar
Johnny Lee Schell, guitar
Jack Holder, guitar
Bonnie Raitt, guitar, vocals
Mick Weaver, piano, organ
Reese Wynans, piano, organ, keyboards
Leon Pendarvis, organ
Pete Wingfield, piano
Ian McLagan, piano
Bill Payne, piano
Marty Grebb, piano
Johnny Johnson, piano
Jimmy Powers, harmonica
Tommy Shannon, bass
Paul Ossola, bass
Chuck Domonico, bass
Chris Layton, drums
Richie Hayward, drums Shawn Pelton, drums
Richie Hayward, drums
Tony Braunagel, percussion
Can't Quit The Blues
Silvertone Records 82876819672
compilation, recordings from 1957 to 2005
Buddy Guy, guitar, vocals
Aaron Corthen, sax
Malcolm Duncan, sax
Bobby Fields, sax
Jarrett Gibson, tenor sax
Darrell Leonard, tenor sax
Andrew Love, tenor sax
Lenny Pickett, tenor sax
Joe Sublett, tenor sax
Bob Neely, tenor sax
A.C. Reed, tenor sax
Lannie McMillian, tenor sax
Donald Hankins, tenor sax, baritone sax
Lew Del Gatto, baritone sax
McKinley Easton, baritone sax
Jim Horn, baritone sax, flute
Marty Grebb, baritone sax, piano
Jack Hale, trombone
Jim Hale, trombone
Dennis Wilson, trombone
J. Neil Sidwell, trombone
Ben Cauley, trumpet
Sid Gauld, trumpet
Murray Watson, trumpet
Lefty Bates, guitar
Jeff Beck, guitar
Eric Clapton, guitar
David Grissom, guitar
Phil Guy, guitar
Jack Holder, guitar
Scott Holt, guitar
Neil Hubbard, guitar
Jimmy Johnson, guitar
B.B. King, guitar
Danny Kortchmar, guitar
Jonny Lang, guitar
John Porter, guitar
Otis Rush, guitar
Doug & Telisha Williams, guitar
Johnny Lee Schell, guitar
Jimbo "Hambone" Mathus, guitar
Frank Blinkal, guitar, vocals
Terry Taylor, guitar, bass guitar
Bonnie Raitt, slide guitar, vocals
Ivan Neville, organ, keyboards
Mick Weaver, organ, piano
Reese Wynans, organ, piano
Leon Pendarvis, organ
Dr. John, piano
Johnnie Johnson, piano
Lafayette Leake, piano
Pinetop Perkins, piano
Bill Payne, piano
Otis Spann, piano
Little Brother Montgomery, piano
Ian McLagan, Wurlitzer
Bernie Worrell, keyboards
Jimmy Powers, harp
Junior Wells, harmonica
Willie Dixon, bass
Davey Faragher, bass
Tony Garnier, bass
Mike Morrison, bass
Paul Ossola, bass
Greg Rzab, bass
Tommy Shannon, bass
Leroy Stewart, bass
Larry Taylor, bass
Willie Weeks, bass
Orlando Wright, bass
Jack Meyers, bass, bass guitar
Ray Allison, drums
Fred Below, drums
Richie Hayward, drums
Clifton James, drums
Steve Jordan, drums
Jim Keltner, drums
Chris Layton, drums
Odie Payne jr., drums
Shawn Pelton, drums
Roosevelt Shaw, drums
Dallas Taylor, drums
Phil Thomas, drums
Tony Braunagel, percussion
David Z., percussion
Shemekia Copeland, vocals
Hillary Faeta, vocals
Mike Homberger, vocals
Crazy Dave Komie, vocals
Blind Willie Lambchop, vocals
Anne Markovich, vocals
Emily Maso, vocals
Suzanne Maso, vocals
Annette McKee, vocals
Brian Moravec, vocals
Garrett Mudd, vocals
Jay Reil, vocals
Carey Reisz, vocals
Kevin Michael
Downtown 243580-2
recorded in various locations
Kevin Michael, vocals
Petter Winnberg, horn
Mike Hartnett, guitar
Robert Taylor, guitar
Junius Bervine, keyboards
Keith 'Lil Wonda' Duplessis, keyboards
Sedeck Jean, keyboards
Leon Pendarvis, organ
Antoine Silverman, violin
Paul Woodiel, violin
Maxim Moston, violin
Martha Mooke, viola
Garo Yellin, cello
Jack Daly, bass
Henrik Jonback, bass, guitar
Claudette Ortiz, vocals
DV8 Records 31454 0742-2

Billy Porter, vocals
David Spinozza, guitar
Chris Taylor, guitar
Leon Pendarvis, organ
Peter Zizzo, piano, strings, synthesizer, guitar
Gary Haase, bass
Buddy Williams, drums
Bashiri Johnson, percussion
The Last Shade Of Blue Before Black
Severn Records Severn CD 0071
recorded in Hoboken, NY/USA

Baron Raymonde, alto sax
Tom Malone, baritone sax, trumpet
Lou Marini, clarinet, baritone sax
Larry Farrell, trombone
Birch Johnson, trombone
Steve Howard, trumpet
Rusty Cloud, clavinet, organ, piano, vocals
Steve Cropper, guitar
David Spinozza, guitar
John Tropea, guitar
Dr. John, piano, vocals
Leon Pendarvis, organ
Rob Paparozzi, bass harmonica, harmonica, harp, vocals
Tommy McDonnell, harmonica, vocals
Eric Udel, bass
Lee Finkelstein, drums
Eddie Floyd, vocals
Bobby Harden, vocals
Joe Morton, vocals
Paul Shaffer, vocals
Joe Louis Walker, vocals
Tommy 'Pipes' McDonnell, vocals
Things Have Changed
Verve 6726785

Bettye LaVette, vocals
Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews, trombone
Larry Campbell, guitar, mandolin
Keith Richards, guitar
Steve Jordan, guitar, mandolin, drums, percussion
Leon Pendarvis, organ, piano
Gil Goldstein, accordion, harpsichord, harmonium, organ
Charisa Rouse, violin
Rose Bartu, violin
Ina Paris, viola
Nioka Workman, cello
Pino Palladino, bass

Blues Brothers Band: Live At Montreux 1989
recorded 12 July 1989 live at the Montreux Jazz Festival/Switzerland
Steve Cropper, guitar
Donald Dunn, bass
Eddie Floyd, vocals
Danny Gottlieb, drums
Tom Malone, trombone
Lou Marini, sax
Matt Murphy, guitar
Leon Pendarvis, organ
Alan Rubin, trumpet
Larry Thurston, vocals

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