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Jim Peterman
Jim was the resident organist and pianist in the Steve Miller Band from mid-1967 until 1968, joining just ahead of their Fillmore gig backing Chuck Berry and their appearance at the Monterey Pop Festival, and playing on two of their albums, Children of the Future and Sailor. Peterman left because he grew tired of the constant touring necessary to support the band's albums, and he was succeeded by Ben Sidran, an old friend of Miller's. Peterman later played organ on two of Sidran's solo albums.
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Puttin' In Time On Planet Earth
Blue Thumb Records BTS 55
released 1973
Ben Sidran, piano, Wurlitzer, vocals
Bill Perkins, sax
Frank Rosolino, trombone
James "Curly" Cooke, guitar
Steve Miller, guitar
Phil Upchurch, guitar, bass
Jim Peterman, organ
Clyde Stubblefield, drums, percussion, congas
Tony Williams, drums
Laudir DeOliveira, percussion
Jose Soares, percussion
Sam Linde, cymbals
Don't Let Go
Blue Thumb Records BTS 6012
released 1974
Ben Sidran, piano, vocals
Bunky Green, alto sax
Sonny Seals, tenor sax
James P. Cooke, guitar
Phil Upchurch, guitar, drums, percussion
Jim Peterman, organ
Jerry Alexander, harmonica
Kip Merklein, bass
Phil Upchurch, bass
Randy Fullerton, bass
Tom Piazza, drums
Clyde Stubblefield, drums, percussion
George Brown, drums
Nothin' To Prove
Plantation #1 Productions - MA 31605
Mac Arnold, bass, vocals
Austin Brashier, guitar
Jim Peterman, organ
Max Hightower, harmonica, piano, slide guitar

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