King Pleasure Sings - Annie Ross Sings
OJC-217 (P-7128)
recorded october 1952 in USA
Annie Ross, vocals
Teacho Wiltshire, piano
Ram Ramirez, organ
Percy Heath, bass
Art Blakey, drums
Organ Jazz Live In Harlem
Black And Blue 33.007
released 1960
Ram Ramirez, organ
Ronnie Coles, drums
Arthur Prysock
Verve Records 841 130-2
released 1989
Arthur Prysock, vocals Wallace Davenport, trumpet George Cohn, trumpet Al Aarons, trumpet Philip Guilbeau, trumpet Henderson Chambers, trombone Al Grey, trombone William Hughes, trombone Grover Mitchell, trombone Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, reeds Eric Dixon, reeds Charlie Fowlkes, reeds Zane Paul, flute, reeds Marshall Royal, reeds Bobby Plater, reeds Count Basie, piano Stan Free, piano Roger "Ram" Ramirez, organ George Duvivier, guitar Freddie Green, guitar Mundell Lowe, guitar Al Lucas, guitar Wally Richardson, guitar Norman Keenan, bass Rufus "Speedy" Jones, drums Ed Shaughnessy, drums Count Basie Orchestra
Jazz 'Round Midnight
Verve Records 314 527 033-2
recorded between 1963 and 1968
released 1995
Arthur Prysock, vocals Mundell Lowe, guitar Wally Richardson, guitar Zane Zacharoff, flute, woodwind Stan Free, piano Roger "Ram" Ramirez, organ Art Davis, bass George Duvivier, bass Al Lucas, bass Ed Shaughnessy, drums


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