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Craig Taborn
Craig (* 1970 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is a pianist, organist, keyboardist and composer. He started playing piano and synthesizer as an adolescent and was influenced at an early stage by a wide range of music, including by the freedom expressed in recordings of free jazz and contemporary classical music. Craig studied at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor from 1988.
While at university, Taborn toured and recorded with jazz saxophonist James Carter. Taborn went on to play with numerous other musicians in electronic and acoustic settings, while also building a reputation as a solo pianist. He has a range of styles, and often adapts his playing to the nature of the instrument and the sounds that he can make it produce. His improvising, particularly for solo piano, often adopts a modular approach, in which he begins with small units of melody and rhythm and then develops them into larger forms and structures.
In 2011, Down Beat magazine chose Taborn as winner of the electric keyboard category, as well as rising star in both the piano and organ categories. By the end of 2020, Taborn had appeared on 14 albums as a leader or co-leader and more than 100 as a sideman.
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In Carterian Fashion
Atlantic 83082
recorded in New York, NY/USA
James Carter, soprano sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, bass clarinet
Cassius Richmond, alto sax
Dwight Adams, trumpet
Craig Taborn, Hammond organ
Henry Butler, Hammond organ
Cyrus Chestnut, Hammond organ
Steve Kirby, bass
Jaribu Shahid, bass
Alvester Garnett, drums
Tani Tabbal, drums
The Sublime And Science Friction Live
Thirsty Ear THI 57139.2
recorded live 12 April 2003 in Winterthur/Switzerland
Tim Berne, alto sax
Marc Ducret, guitar
Craig Taborn, organ, piano
Tom Rainey, drums
At The Center
Thirsty Ear THI 57159.2

Peter Gordon, flute
Jack Dangers, bass flute, bass clarinet, bass
Craig Taborn, piano, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, Hammond B-3 organ
David King, drums, percussion
Kenneth Rexroth, voice
Thirsty Ear THI 57164.2

Peter Gordon, flute
Jack Dangers, bass flute, bass clarinet, bass
Craig Taborn, piano, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, Hammond B-3 organ
David King, drums, percussion
Lynn Farmer, drums
Kenneth Rexroth, voice
ECM 1709875
recorded March 2005 in Rhinebeck, NY/USA
David Torn, guitar, live sampling
Tim Berne, alto sax
Craig Taborn, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B-3 organ, mellotron
Tom Rainey, drums
Architect Of The Silent Moment
C.A.M. Jazz CAM 5021
recorded December 2005 in New York City/USA
Scott Colley, bass
David Binney, tenor sax
Ralph Alessi, trumpet
Adam Rogers, guitar
Jason Moran, piano
Craig Taborn, piano, Hammond organ
Gregoire Maret, harmonica
Antonio Sanchez, drums
Bells For The South Side
ECM 2494/95
recorded September 2015 in Chicago, IL/USA
Roscoe Mitchell, sopranino sax, soprano sax, alto sax, bass sax, flute, piccolo, bass recorder, percussion
James Fei, sopranino sax, alto sax, contra-alto clarinet
Hugh Ragin, trumpet, piccolo trumpet
Tyshawn Sorey, trombone, piano, drums, percussion
Craig Taborn, piano, organ
Jaribu Shahid, double bass, bass guitar, percussion
William Winant, percussion, tubular bells, glockenspiel, vibraphone, marimba, roto toms, cymbals, bass drum, woodblocks, timpani
Kikanju Baku, drums, percussion
Tani Tabbal, drums, percussion
Uncharted Territories
Dare2 Records DARE2-010
recorded May 2017 in Catskill, NY/USA
Dave Holland, bass
Evan Parker, tenor sax
Craig Taborn, piano, keyboards, organ, electronics
Ches Smith, percussion

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